Robert De Niro: Hand-In-Hand With Helen

It’s our first glimpse of Helen Grace!

Academy Award-winning actor Robert De Niro was spotted with his 2-year-old daughter in New York City last week. The Hands of Stone actor, 70, walked hand-in-hand with his happy girl while leaving The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca.

De Niro and his wife, actress Grace Hightower, 59, welcomed Helen Grace via surrogate. She is the second child for the couple — they are also parents to 16-year-old son Elliot.

De Niro also has two adult children with ex-wife Diahnne Abbott, and twin sons from another previous relationship. As well, he has four grandchildren.

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I hate to say this, but its just not fair. I’m sure that they are excellent loving parents to her….but he’s 70 and she’s almost 60. This poor girl is not going to have her parents in her mid & late adult hood and that’s sad to me.


I agree with you. Absolutely no disrespect to their ability to be fantastic and caring parents, but you’re right, having a baby that late in life isn’t really fair on the child IMO.


I feel the same way just because science made it posable to for them have kids doesn’t mean they should it’s not fair to the child.


I lost my dad at 3 and my younger beloved brother when I was 26. One single year and 8 days later my Mother passed away when she was only 49. All of these deaths were tragic, unexpected and senseless. Age is just a number. Needless to say, my children have and will never know their Grandparents. Odd because their Great Grandparents lived well into their 90’s.

While I wouldn’t personally make the decision they did, I don’t agree with the first posters. My father was in his 50s when I was born. I am almost 30 and he is still here, very healthy (no health issues and bikes 50+ miles per week in steep terrain). He has years ahead of him. I wouldn’t change anything. His dad died months before he was born (poor kid—his mom lived to 98). My mothers dad died when she was 13 (poor kid—he was in his 30s). My brother’s mom died when he was three (poor kid—she was in her… Read more »

I agree that at that age they shouldnt make this decision to have a child but lets also not forget their are tons of kids who lose parents and their parents are not old. I guess you just never know and losing a parent whether you are a kid or in your 50’s can still be really hard. Maybe they will live well into their 90’s but that only puts her in her 20’s and that still really young. I hope she is blessed to have them in her life for a really long time.


I agree with all the comments. No one thinks of the future and what will happen. Just my opinion.

Well I guess (if one was to listen to all the gods here) my 101 year old abuela should have just headed down a dark alley and “hung it up” when she found herself pregnant at 56 and then again at 58 after starting at 17 and bearing 13 kids already. Since my dad was her last child and she celebrated her 100th birthday “walking, talking, laughing and enjoying the five generations her body birthed,” I’m glad she didn’t have other women telling her it was time to shut it down otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I also have a… Read more »

This was more about using medical intervention to actively try to bring a baby into the world when its parents are old enough to be its grandparents. No one said anything about your grandma having to “shut it down”.

Let chat
I was raised by my grandmother with 2 of my brother and 6 of my cousin she was in her 60 when i was 5 and had more energy then i do at 33 she past last year at 93 but i am a better person because of her. she pay for 5 kids to go to college, met 12 great grand kids and gave so much love. My brother lost his mom , she was 34 and last year my friend lost his wife she was 29 with 2 kids. at any point in time life can be taken… Read more »

I just wanted to say their daughter is so precious and adorably cute!! ♥ I’ll let the posters above hash out whether or not they think it was a good idea for someone else to have a child…


My mother was almost 50, when I was born. I was 42, when she died. She was the best mother. When I was 45, my son was born. That’s life and perhaps we get the parents, we want to have. So don’t worry about that little girl.


sigh- he is too old to be making kids! That’s very selfish of him and his wife-they are robbing her of what most kids get- parents to guide them through the tough teen years and be there for their wedding and all of those things- celebs are so SELFISH