Prince William & Kate Middleton Arrive Down Under

Having wrapped up their tour in New Zealand, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George arrived in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday (April 16). The Duchess of Cambridge looked lovely in Roksanda Ilincic’s yellow and white Ryedale dress from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The royal tot, 8 months, was adorable as ever wearing the same cardigan he had on when the famous family arrived in Wellington, New Zealand at the beginning of the royal tour 10 days ago.

After their arrival, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with a legion of fans outside Sydney’s Opera House. Prince William gave a short speech at the iconic landmark, and mentioned his late mother, Princess Diana.

“Thank you for your warm welcome,” the Prince began. “Your Excellency, Sir Nicholas, Mr. President, thank you for inviting me and Catherine this afternoon. There cannot be a more impressive place than the iconic Sydney Opera House to begin our first visit together to Australia. I know that New South Wales is a very special place, and Catherine and I are looking forward to seeing that for ourselves over the coming days. My last visit to Australia—in 2011—was at a sad and testing time for the nation. A cyclone followed by flooding had devastated lives and property in Queensland, and bush fires had ravaged the State of Victoria. I am sorry to return to find that, yet again, fellow Australians in north Queensland are coping with the aftermath of another destructive cyclone.”

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“Australia has much to contend with at the moment: your contribution to the ongoing search for MH370 has earned respect in every quarter of the globe,” he continued. “Australia’s determined and leading role in the search is at the very edge of technological ability and human endurance.”

“You have also responded with great generosity in the past few days to the natural disaster afflicting the Solomon Islands, which is suffering dreadfully from floods and successive earthquakes,” William added. “Australia has led the international response in a way that is testament to the strength of your partnerships with your neighbors, and the important role that Australia plays both regionally and globally.”

Prince William continued: “This visit to Australia has been one that Catherine and I have been looking forward to for a long time. On my first visit here as an adult in 2010, I remember just how bowled over I was by Sydney: seeing the energy and diversity of this beautiful city, and understanding just how much Australia is the home of innovation, opportunity and possibility. I was well prepared: the affection that my grandmother The Queen has for this nation is infectious. Her Majesty spoke recently of how, since her first visit here 60 years ago, she has been privileged to witness Australia’s growing economy and flowering self-confidence.”

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“For Catherine, Harry and me, born in the early ’80s, we’ve never known anything else—Australia and Australians have always been for us a beacon of confidence, creativity in the arts and sporting ability,” he said.

“Harry felt very honored to be invited to the centenary Fleet Review in Sydney Harbor last year; and I know how much my father enjoyed his visit here in honor of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. My mother’s deep affection for Australia—which you were so kind to reciprocate—needs no reminder,” the Prince continued.

“I don’t think I could finish these brief words to you without mentioning one other family member, George, who is now busy forging his own link with Australia. Catherine and I were very grateful for the many kind messages and gifts from across the country that we received when George was born. I suspect George’s first word might be ‘bilby’—only because ‘koala’ is harder to say. We really look forward to our time here together as a family,” he said. “Australia is an inspiring place, as this amazing Opera House shows so vividly, and I know that a truly unforgettable few days lie ahead. Thank you.”

After William’s speech, the royal family-of-three were taken by police boat to Admiralty House. While there, George received a plush wombat from the Governor-General. The Duke and Duchess are set to appear at the Blue Mountains on Thursday.

Could there be another royal tot on-the-way?

During their visit in New Zealand, the Duke of Cambridge greeted Cynthia Read, who had made a wool shawl for baby Prince George. “You might have to make another one soon,” Prince William said when accepting the gift.

“The way William said it was like he was dropping a hint,” Read told reporters, “letting me in on a secret.”

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Roksanda Ilinčić is an amazing designer! I love that dress on her, so colorful. She looks gorgeous.


I am so jealous of her legs!!!


oh look, she chose a dress with a front flap so people could view her insect legs. WILL SHE NEVER STOP ? God, she’s such an exhibitionist.


What have they done all year though ? Nothing. They’re really nothing to freak over. They have no work ethic. Now if they spent more time trying to make a difference I would say they were OK. They’re just pampered poodles on another vacation.


Them being new parents I must say that I admire them more for staying home with their baby and settling into their roles as parents, rather than jet setting the world and leaving their young son with a nanny.


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Why not show the pictures of Will when he wore the same outfit as George! And Diana was in that photo too! Seems to me that George makes his photo op at the airport and getting his koala bear! Seems well mannered for a 8 month old!

Thanx for the pix of the family ! Love how cute and well behaved George is!


Beautiful family! Kate is gorgeous! Baby is so handsome!