Drew Barrymore Welcomes Baby No. 2: Frankie

Congratulations are in order for Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman.

The Blended star, 39, and her art advisor husband, 36, welcomed their second child – a daughter named Frankie Barrymore Kopelman – on Tuesday, April 22, E! News reports.

“Happy to announce that today we are the proud parents of our second daughter, Frankie Barrymore Kopelman,” the couple said in a statement. “Olive has a new little sister, and everyone is healthy and happy!”

The couple – who are also parents to daughter Olive, 19 months – announced their second pregnancy in November.

On April 12, the E.T. star celebrated her baby shower, alongside A-list pals such as Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon.

As for losing the baby weight quickly, the Charlie’s Angels star said she’s not going to stress.

“I’m not worrying about it,” Drew said. “We live in a society where everyone’s like, ‘Look at how amazing she looks two weeks out [from giving birth].’ I don’t want to be on that hamster wheel; that’s hell. I’m never going to have the kind of body that makes me excited about bikini season. I’ve never had a ‘beach body.’ But I want to feel like I’m showing up and doing my best. My goal is to be nice to myself, gentle toward myself, during this process. It’s such a sacred time.”

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  • savannah

    Frankie is a terrible name. I love the name Olive its cute.

    • Lizzie

      I feel the opposite way you do 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Frankie is a cute name…….for a BOY! Why do these women give boys names to their daughters? Stupid.

    • Vanilla

      i think frankie is a derivation of frances

  • mrs. trumbell

    i love frankie for a girl or boy…… as a NICKNAME. i hate it when people give their kids nicknames for given names. what’s wrong with frances? or francesca? or francine?

    • Devon

      Thank you, I feel the same way. Nicknames are very cute but please give them the long version on the birth certificate so they can have the formal version if they need it. Love the nick name Frankie… But wish Francesca or Frances was the real version. This also goes for popular nick names like Jack, Joe and Sam.

  • Anonymous

    Just like that other idiot naming her kid Maxwell. SMH.

  • I really love what she says about the baby weight , and taking her time to get back in shape . She is so refreshing . I just love her . Congratulations .

  • Anon

    All of you guys negatively commenting about her choice of baby names.. do you not see what HER name is? DREW?? Seems like she wanted the same uniqueness for her kids.

  • amanda

    It doesn’t matter what celebrities name their children, they will never have to fill out a job application. We need to be aware of what we name our children. Down the road someday shaking someone’s hand and then saying their name in a job interview. Hopefully, not receiving an odd look.

    • anonymous

      “It doesn’t matter what celebrities name their children, they will never have to fill out a job application.”

      Ummmm, I’m genuinely curious…. what makes you (or anyone reading this comment that has similar thoughts) think that these celebrity kids “will never have to fill out a job application”? I guess most people would like to think of these types of celebrities as rich and powerful, but in reality, most of ’em aren’t very rich or very powerful. Drew is well off, no doubt, some people might even call her “rich”, but she most definitely is not wealthy. There’s a massive difference between being rich and being wealthy. Wealth is usually passed on from one generation to the next, it’s something you possess, it’s not something that’s flaunted so freely and openly. In todays world especially, you’re only wealthy if you’re worth $1 billion+ (think of the obvious, Bill Gates [$60 billion+], he’s not running a “lifestyle” blog, is he??). The Drew Barrymore’s and Brangelina’s of the world live primarily off a “day to day” image of wealth. They’d like you to think they’re wealthy so they spend nearly as much as they make just showing off…. and then they complain about privacy when it’s reported that they’ve bought a new home or car or exotic pet…. or the paparazzi spotted them on a private island that’s impossible for a paparazzo to get to or whatever. They play games. Think of it this way: you can lose “rich” overnight, you can’t get rid of wealth that easily.

      The Apples and Crickets of the world better get a good education if they have any hopes of “living the good life” for the rest of their lives. Maybe they won’t be filling out a job application like your average Joe, but they will need to fend for themselves eventually…. when the money runs out.

      • Kinky

        Actually Drew, comes from a very long line of actors and actress and is probably what we would consider wealthy. Here you can even look up the barrymore family and read about them, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrymore_family. I know what you were trying to say, but the other poster is right, Drew’s children will have access to a host of things “regular” children will not. Her name being Frankie, will not hinder her as much as a child in the regular world named Pilot Inspektor.

      • Janna

        Drew Barrymore’s net worth is someone in the neighborhood of $100,000,000. I don’t know what planet you’re living on, but on mine, that’s wealthy. How on earth can you think it takes a billion dollars to be considered wealthy?

        • anonymous

          @Janna: I was simply asking a question and giving my opinion.

          “I don’t know what planet you’re living on,”

          We do come from different worlds, yes. Don’t we all? I was going to give you a proper response, but decided it just wasn’t worth it.

          And thank you @Kinky for your response.

          “Her name being Frankie, will not hinder her as much as a child in the regular world named Pilot Inspektor.”

          LOL, true.

          I do quite like the name she and her husband chose for their firstborn. Frankie is a bit too spunky for my taste, but still cute…. for a baby. The funny thing is, as siblings, they kind of sound like an Italian restaurant…. “Olive and Frankie’s family owned Italian eatery”.

  • Ella

    Frankie or Frances?

  • Alyson

    Yeah not wild about Frankie. With the first being Olive I thought they’d go for a Pearl, Quinn, or Tess etc for the next daughter. Oh well…bet she is beautiful.

  • Granny

    One of the prettiest girls I knew growing up was a Frankie. I like it. No different than a Bobbie instead of Roberta, Charlie in lieu of Charlotte, Sam in lieu of Samantha, etc.

  • louise

    I really, really LOVE that name! It’s so sweet!

  • Lizzie

    Whenever there is an announcement on here where they give a propper name but then state they’ll be calling the child a nickname or short version of the propper name, all of the comments are like “why bother giving her a proper name if you’re calling her something else.”

  • Jane

    So happy for her! She seems like a wonderful person. Congratulations Drew!

  • Elinor

    I think Frankie is super-cute, and sounds gorgeous with Olive. My bet was they were going to name her Hazel or Pearl… but Frankie is just as lovely 🙂 Congratulations to Drew, Will and big sister Olive x

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