10 Favorite Kids’ Breakfast Cereals

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Cereals have always been a part of humankind’s diet. Porridge was a traditional food in much of Northern Europe and Russia back to antiquity, and remains a popular breakfast items in many parts of the world. Native Americans ate corn, or maize, as a food staple, processing it into grits. By the mid 1800s, companies began grinding oats and selling them as nutritious breakfast cereals.

Overcoming the idea of “horse food” as a breakfast staple was made a lot easier with the production of ready to eat cereals, available right out of the box with no cooking time. The most famous of these is Cheerios, introduced May 1, 1941. Following WWII and the massive baby boom that swelled American populations, cereal companies targeted young children with sugar-laden, cartoon-inspired cereals. Those breakfast cereals we enjoyed as kids are still popular today and we have to admit, we still love them, even though we know we shouldn’t. Here are our favorite kids’ breakfast cereals…and our guilty pleasures!

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