Drew Barrymore: “We Don’t Have A Babysitter”

Before Drew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman welcomed their second daughter Frankie April 22, the actress posed for June’s cover of Red and opens up about the joys of motherhood and family time.

On motherhood and family time: “I am loving being a mom. Olive is a year and a half now so [the girls] will be close together in age. I think, just get it done – it will be awesome! We spend every weekend together. We don’t have a babysitter. It’s just us. I can’t wait to see how that’s going to work out with the second one!”

On her own childhood: “My parents split up before I was born and my dad was just never capable of being a father. It’s something I really accepted and became okay with early on. But it’s shocking to me that someone can make that choice. As much as I accepted it with him, I could never accept it in a partner…for some people showing up is just not possible and that is incredibly frustrating. When you become a parent, and think about what kids need, it is very emotional.”

On working with Adam Sandler in new film Blended: “There are moments in [my new] film that really get me – like the way Adam is with his on-screen daughters is so good, it breaks my heart. That’s how he is with his own kids, and it’s very touching. I also really related to the tantrum scene. When my daughter’s in the middle of somewhere having a little meltdown, you feel like you’re the only person in the world dealing with that. But it’s also really funny and silly, too.”

On learning to cook like pal Cameron Diaz: “I really love cooking, it makes me so happy. But I’m terrible at it. None of it is effortless or sexy or even tastes that good for that matter, but I’m really working on it. I might travel somewhere to do it, and bring the family. I love cooking for Olive now, but I used to be Mrs Takeout…I’ve just never learned to cook in my life…Cameron’s a great cook, and always has been. I’m just trying to catch up to that.”

On directing: “I’m interested in directing in the future but that is such an all-consuming job. When the kids are in school and they don’t need me all day long, maybe there’s a way to balance it. Other people have figured it out so there must be a math to it. I wouldn’t trade bringing up my kids to do that but in a few years I’d like to think about it again.”

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why not?!


So they don’t have a babysitter on the weekends Ok.

I wonder when she says babysitter did she mean nanny because those are two very different people and If she is I don’t why she and some other celebrities don’t like to use the word nanny. I think it’s kind of disrespectful to nannies to down grade their profession by calling them babysitter.


And I don’t know why with all that is going on in he world, you’re tripping over an assumed misuse of semantics. I mean seriously, what’s that about? Either way, I don’t think she employs either accept under those circumstances when it’s truly required.


And with all that is going on in the world you choose to b*tch about my comment.

They have a nanny I’ve seen pictures of drew her daughter and nanny and I never said their was anything bad about having nanny.


Why? Because it was and is absurd and so much so that I just had to ask what the H did and does it matter. Maybe if you had presented it as a question and not an accusation I wouldn’t have batted an eye about it.


To be honest the first part of my second post was a rhetorical question pointing out how you were being hypocritical.

By going on about “know why with all that is going on in the world you’re tripping over an assumed misuse of semantics.” when you were doing the something as you accused me of doing.



What is with all the celebrities going on spouting they don’t have nannies/babysitters? So? So you are with your kid 24/7? Fantastic, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stay home with their children.


Haha…I call BS on this comment. I have seen photos of her and hubby at red carpet events without the kid. Also, why don’t they have a babysitter? Everyone I know with kids has a babysitter. Are we to believe their kid has been to all the doctor appts and the hospital when the baby was born b/c they don’t have a babysitter? Why wouldn’t they want to have a date night? Comments like these are bizarre….


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