Jessica Simpson & Family: Dinner Date

Mom-of-two Jessica Simpson stepped out with fiancé Eric Johnson and their daughter Maxwell, 23 months, in Calabasas, Calif. The trio grabbed dinner at Sagebrush Cantina on Saturday (April 26).

The day before, Maxi and her baby brother Ace, 10 months, were spotted strolling with the nannies in their Calabasas neighborhood.

The couple have been busy planning for their upcoming wedding.

In preparation, Jessica has been on a strict diet while endorsing campaigns for weight loss company Weight Watchers.

And it seems to be working! The bride-to-be has shed 60lbs since welcoming Ace last June.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • heather

    Those kids are such cuties!! I love Maxwell’s little leather jacket and shoes!

  • SiervaMaria

    Jessica looks so healthy and young! She looks like she did back when she and NL were first married and those babies are beautiful.

  • SiervaMaria
  • Jane

    Jessica and Maxwell are so beautiful! The husband looks like he needs a shower and a job!

    • Janna

      How do you all know that he doesn’t have a job? How do you know he’s not independently wealthy? How do you know he isn’t financially stable on his own? And more importantly, why do you care so much?

  • Anonymous

    Eric always looks so dirty and disheveled. I have no idea what she would see in him especially with no job either.

    • Cauncy

      Maybe because he is a good dad and husband? Way to be shallow.

    • englishgal

      His clothes look clean, he just has a beard and a cap! I think he’s sexy

    • sarahgrace

      I find it interesting that the only negative comment came from a person who refused to give their name. The internet might be a nicer place if we all had to show our faces and real names when we post! :0)

      I agree that Jess looks so young and fresh here – she is one of those who looks like a teenager when she has no makeup and her hair in a ponytail! Really a natural beauty!

  • Didi

    I don’t get why every time there is a post on this family everyone complains about him and his appearance!he looks like a good private guy, a caring father and a lovely husband to be.

    • englishgal

      Well said. His lack of vanity is surely a virtue? he looks perfectly clean to me.

  • englishgal

    She looks amazing!!

  • sarahgrace

    Wow, Jessica really does look amazing. I have always felt sad for her about the “weight stuff” – she has never ever been overweight! She probably puts a lot of pressure on herself, living in Hollywood (not literally, but you all know what i mean, in that LA area) and being compared to other people. I have always thought she is just beautiful.

    The kids are darling. It is so not our business to bash this family – they’re a family and they are responsible for themselves, so let’s all get the 2 by 4s out of our eyes before we go on and on about the speck in theirs. (Interesting how helpful the Bible is in every day life!)
    I think I heard that Eric and Jessica are getting married this week. I wish them well, much happiness and a strong, loving family. I wish i had had that, so i wish it even harder for others! Good thoughts.

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