Marie Coleman: “The Whole Ordeal Has Made Our Faith Stronger”

Ken and Marie Coleman of Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters have a lot going on this season. The couple – who live in Joliet, Illinois – are dealing with Ken’s need for a kidney transplant while raising their 18-year-old daughter Taylor – who yearns to be an actress and singer.

Marie Coleman recently shared to Celebrity Baby Scoop the update on her husband’s health and how Taylor is coping.

CBS: Ken’s health has been deteriorating this season and is in need of a kidney transplant.  What updates can you share with us?

MC: Still waiting on a transplant, and still going through dialysis four days a week.

CBS: How have viewers reached out to you during this season?

MC: Many viewers have contacted us to share that they have been praying for our family, some have even shown a desire to be a donor, unfortunately all of them who have said they would like to donate a kidney live very far away.

CBS: As parents of an only child, do you feel that you have been stricter on Taylor than you might if she had siblings?

MC: Taylor is not an only child, she is the only child that I (Marie) gave birth to.  When we got married, Ken had five other children from two previous relationships.  Taylor is the youngest and only child at home.  Some of Taylor’s siblings have made poor choices and struggled with growing up into adulthood like most of us, this is one of the reasons why I feel we may be a little stricter on her than the other children.

CBS: How is Taylor coping with Ken’s health issues?

MC: Taylor has sacrificed a lot to help out, continue to watch the show and you will see that she has a big heart, and when it counts she will do almost anything for family.  Taylor has been taking this all in, we did not initially tell her, how bad it is, to try and allow her to not have to shoulder all of the weight that comes with having a sick parent.  She has certainly matured during this time and the whole ordeal has made  our faith stronger and brought us closer together as a family.

The season finale of Preachers’ Daughters airs on the Lifetime channel on Wednesday, May 7, at 9p ET/PT.

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