Miranda Kerr & Flynn: Smiles In Sydney

Miranda Kerr and Flynn touched down in Sydney, Australia on Friday (May 2). The 3-year-old made the cutest faces while being carried by mom in the airport! Kerr is in town to launch her new Royal Albert teaware collection.

In the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK – Kerr shares how’s she’s coping since splitting up with Orlando Bloom six months ago.

She says, “Everyone goes through challenging periods in their life. That’s inevitable and it’s part of being human. I feel like it’s a daily process to be positive. It’s something that’s a choice and I have different tools, like meditation, even prayer – my grandmother taught me to pray when I was young – and just finding that inner peace.”

She insists the two are amicable.

“Well, we are very good. We speak every day. We’re really close, we’re going to be a family forever and we both really do love each other.”

She adds, “We have genuine love and respect for each other. We’re very connected and I feel grateful for that. We created something beautiful together and we both remind ourselves how lucky we are to have that. And yeah, it’s good. He’s a great dad. I’m lucky.”

Referring to her leaving Victoria’s Secret last year – she explains, “It was a big chunk of time that I wasn’t able to commit to because I’m a mother. I used to be in two different countries every single week. I made a conscious decision to shift gears. I’m very much a people-pleaser at heart – I feel that if everyone else is happy, then I’m happy – but I’m learning the power of saying no and putting my foot down.”

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  • lisa smifth

    Okay, I’m not super critical of parents at all. I let a lot of things slide. But this kid is three years old and I’ve yet to see him walk. He is ALWAYS carted around like a baby.

    • Janna

      If you were trying to get through a busy airport with paparazzi hounding your every move, you might carry your child, too.

    • lisa smifth

      I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while.

  • Joey

    What an absolutely beautiful happy child! Maybe she carries him around because of all those leeches hanging around flashing cameras in their faces all the time?

  • Zzz

    He’s always carted around like a baby huh? Well he did just turn 3. It’s not like he’s 10. SMH.

  • Danielle

    Its not that she carries him through a busy airport that bothers me as much as the kid is 3 and still in pull ups!

    Anyway negativity aside, he is still my one of my favourite celebrity babies. he’s smiley and gorgeous

    • anonymous

      How do you know he’s still in pull ups?

    • jj

      You can see the pull ups in some pictures. She treats him like a baby. I bet she still breast feeds him too. Gross.

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    How can you see he’s wearing pull-ups in these pictures? Do you have x-ray vision? You sound like an idiot.

    • jj

      Um. you are the idiot. They were sticking out the top of his pants when he was bending down. Not hard to miss.

      • Anonymous11

        What pic are you talking about where he is “bending down?”

      • v

        Pull ups are used as undies dumb arse, it makes it easier so if they have accidents the child doesn’t get its clothes wet.

  • Jj

    Sorry, not in these pics. The ones where he is with his father getting the Hollywood star. Only recently, so he’s too old to be in diapers*

  • anonymous

    Why comment on a picture that’s not even here? @jj – how old are you? Your mommy is calling….

    • jj

      Lame , ANONYMOUS. You are dumb. You asked how I knew he was still in pull ups, so I’m telling you how I know. Did someone drop you on your head a few too many times?

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