Jeff Cassidy: I Don’t Think “The Fishbowl” Has Magnified Too Much

The Cassidy family – one of the families featured in Lifetime’s Preachers’ Daughters – lets viewers into their lives every Wednesday night.

In this season Jeff has joined the ministry full time while his wife Darleen adjusts to being an Associated Pastor’s wife. Meanwhile, their son Zac is in rehab and their daughter Megan is sharing everything she does on Twitter letting the congregation see what she is up to. Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Jeff Cassidy to discuss the series and going to family therapy.

CBS: How has joining the ministry impacted your family dynamics?

JC: Our family dynamics haven’t really changed much. We’ve been serving in ministry bi-vocationally for 5 years so moving into it on a full time basis hasn’t affected the dynamics much at all. It just highlights the fact that it is now my only job and we as a family need to be aware of the fact that it may put more attention on us.

CBS: Being in ministry can sometimes feel like you live in a fishbowl.  How much has that feeling been magnified by living out your ministry on a reality program?

JC: I don’t think the “fishbowl” view has magnified too much more since doing the program. When all of our problems began in dealing with Zac’s drug problems, we openly went before the church and our members and said, “Here’s what we’re dealing with and we want you to know and find out from us and not through gossip.” We have been very open about our problems and our pasts…mine in particular.

CBS: What advice would you give other families with teenagers who are considering joining the ministry?

JC: Listen and follow the Lord! It is he who is placing you where he needs you…follow that call obediently and he will handle the rest! He will give you strength to handle any and all problems. Your teenagers and children will see how you stand strong in your calling and they will learn to trust god just as you do. You will all learn things together.

CBS: The season finale has you going to Christian therapy.  What do you hope will change in your family as a result?

JC: What we had hoped for with therapy was for us…parents and children…to better understand the other…to help us open up our communication better. It didn’t take long and it has happened for us. We no longer have therapy and we have communication between us like we never dreamed of. Our children know now that as long as we share and talk the truth with one another…and not deal with issues based on lies…we can overcome.

Preachers’ Daughters airs on Wednesday, May 7 at 9p ET/PT.

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