Meg Ryan & Daisy: Shopping & Gelato

Meg Ryan, 52, and Daisy, 9, were spotted out in NYC on Sunday (May 4).

The mother daughter duo, wearing similar outfits made a stop at Amorino Gelato after an afternoon of shopping.

The Sleepless in Seattle star is making her directorial debut, in the upcoming film Ithaca.  Ryan’s 22-year-old son Jack, from her marriage to Dennis Quaid will be starring in the lead role.

The WWII drama is based on William Saroyan’s 1943 novel The Human Comedy, and will be produced by Tom Hanks.

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI

  • Anonymous

    Wow Daisy’s grow up so much I can’t believe she 10.

  • Siisele

    Wow Meg’s running shoes are from Payless shoes.. Have the same pair! Wonder what Jack her elder son is doing now! Once divorce sets in we never see the
    Biological son! With Meg’s ex! Daisy is ten she was just a baby when Meg adopted her!

    • amanda

      I think he attends NYU. I believe he had a bit role in the last Hunger Games movie.

    • Anonymous

      The DM has pictures go Meg and Jack out and about last week.

    • Anonymous

      The DM has pictures of Meg and Jack out and about last week.

    • Corry

      Sorry, but you are wrong, siisele. Her son Jack is now 22 and has studied at NYU for several years. After the divorce, she raised him into a young man together with her ex husband.There are plenty of photos of mother and son. Her daugher is nine,not ten.

    • VLG

      he quit NYU- Moved to L.A and has a big acting project coming up.
      dasiy makes a great companion for her, they are lucky to have each other

      Those are payless shoes?

  • TheVannessaIves

    Are Ryan and John Cougar a couple any longer? Barely see any evidence of them any more. So nice she has her little girl. NIce to see older woman who go ahead and still adopt children without a partner. Her and Billy Crystal are still so cute together, If he was not a married, oh the possibilities

  • janet

    just hope the kids dont turn out like their mom. they learn how some things dont belong to them when their mother crashd in on jm and elaines marriage. course jm is responible too. what people will do to get their selfish needs

    • VLG

      Relax “janet”.. It’s probably kaput (or will be).Live and Let Live. lol
      Her son seems like a cool together guy.

  • VLG

    …and he’s not out getting arrested…

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