Kendra Wilkinson: Getting Close

Kendra on Top star Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett cheered on their 4-year-old son Hank at his soccer game in Canoga Park, Calif. on Sunday (May 4). Looking ready to give birth any day now, the reality star, 28, wore a blue maxi tank dress over her burgeoning bump.

“The last couple weeks of this pregnancy are dedicated to me — sleep and relax,” Kendra recently told Celebrity Baby Scoop. “Hank has been here taking care of everything and letting me take it easy. And spending a lot of quality time with Lil’ Hank has also made it easier for me to get ready.”

As for being nervous about the upcoming late-night feeds, Kendra says she’s feeling well prepared.

“I’ve prepared my whole life for something to keep me up at night,” she laughs. “If I can twerk all night, I can feed all night [laughs]. I’m beyond excited for the months to come. I cannot wait to see her face and enjoy our new family dynamics.”

The star couple are expecting a daughter this time around. We can’t wait to hear their news!

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  • klutzy_girl

    Just here to express my love for the Jurassic Park shirt. Cannot wait for the new movie.

  • cherrypop87

    If I can twerk all night I can feed all night….Hmmm interesting logic lol

  • Jane

    Does Hank Basket have a job? Another NFL nobody guy who does nothing but mooch off of his wife! Although Kendra was just a playboy bunny and a nobody!

    • Anonymous9

      Football career earnings of more than three million dollars. Doesn’t sound like he needs to mooch off anybody.

  • Anonymous

    Nope….no job. Hasn’t worked in years. Well these women pick these “has-been athletes” (Baskett, Johnson, Comrie) so let them deal with it.

    • kcmolady1030

      You should probly look up a person before you publically ridicule someone. But to answer you question he works for a ton of charities and is a spokesperson for other companies. I wonder is that enough work for you. Lol

    • Ashley

      He co-owns a gym with a friend. Its been featured on their reality show. He does have a job and does work. Owning the gym business means he is his own boss and can have a little more spare time than others working 9-5

  • angel

    R u kidding me ppl… these two ppl have a heart a huge one and this is a great family building on one more..Love for Kendra and Hank n lil man n the new baby:)… pics r beautiful kendra is beautiful Hank is a great dad. .honestly he would be great in movies as an actor also…All u ppl that talk about them dont even know what there lives r like u listen to the gossip news ….

  • Moonbean

    Even if he didn’t have a job his life would still be better that yours or mine with over $10.00 million dollars in bank he can afford to be without a job. By the way, he didn’t need a loan for his house, his child is well taking care of, they vacationed in the best places in the world and they eat probably every night in the best restaurants you’ll only hear about on TMZ. So don’t worry about him finding a job or “mooching” of his wife. His life is still way better than yours.

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