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Mom-of-four Gena Lee Nolin is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers along as she shares her life experiences – and asks for advice – as she juggles her busy life with husband, former NHL star Cale Hulse, and their four children: Spencer, 17, Caia, 12, Hudson, 8, and Stella, 5.

In her latest blog post, Gena talks about what Mother’s Day means to her. She opens up about her love of homemade cards, enjoying a “beautiful brunch” with all of her family, and how she embraces every day with her kids. Continue reading Gena’s thoughtful blog, titled, “What Mother’s Day Means To Me.”

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What Mother’s Day Means To Me

Growing up we always tried to make Mother’s Day a big celebration not only for my Mom, but for my Grandma. It was usually church and then a nice home cooked brunch with friends and family.

We rarely went out for the occasion — looking back probably from the lack of funds to splurge the way we would’ve liked on our respected Mothers! But as a kid I didn’t see it that way. I remember making cards and cupcakes for my Mom, knowing full well she’d be proud of my hard, thoughtful work.

As I grew older, we’d make a point in taking them out for a beautiful brunch, sending them to the spa or whatever else us three kids could do to make it special. It meant a lot to see my Mom happy. I must admit after having my own children, I’ve never respected my Mother or Grandmother more than I do now [Amen].

Mother’s Day to me has never been about getting flowers or fancy restaurants. It’s truly being with my children, eye to eye, sharing stories, their homemade cards and embracing the way they want to celebrate me. I let it unfold the way they want, as we did for my Mom, special cupcakes included.

It especially warms my heart to have my oldest child Spencer [17 years old] appreciate me professionally, and of course, just as his Mama. We have such a special bond — I think it’s because we’ve been through so much together over the years. I can tell you this: he’s exceeded my expectations in every way as a son. I’m so proud of him and his outstanding achievements.

And my little ones are just so fun. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to relive what I did with Spencer, but have a lot more time with them than I did back then. I’m a big lovely Mama bear that can have my kids crawling all over me and still somehow do three other things at the same time.

I think with the younger ones, I definitely appreciate my time more. I see how fast they grow and I try to soak in every minute. I also never take a day for granted — being a mother is such a gift and I embrace it with such appreciation. I feel so blessed with the chaos, the bedtime reading, and the snuggles. I also demand that my big boy never leaves the house without a goodbye, an ‘I love you’ and a kiss on the cheek. It’s the small stuff that keeps this Mama happy — that’s what it’s all about.

Never forget our days our numbered — enjoy, live, love, forgive and just roll with it (even in the teen years). Breathe and exhale, yoga’s good for that too.

Mother’s Day will be spent with my entire family — with my Mom always! Homemade cards is a must and whatever they have in store for us. Maybe a foot rub (wink, wink). Let this day be focused on the Mothers who’ve guided us, wiped our noses, given that gentle hug at just the right moment, and loved us unconditionally. Those are all things that make Mom, Mom!

Regardless if your mom is living or not, celebrate today. Let the memories flood you with her love and laughter. I’m wishing all the Mommys of the world today a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Love & Light, Gena Lee Nolin

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  • Emily

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day Gena! Your values are refreshing and your family is absolutely too beautiful for words! HMD to your Mother & Grandmother!

  • Heather

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours, your mom & great grandmother too! What a blessing. Simple is best, love all your blogs and what you do for the thyroid community!
    Your book was titled right, beautiful inside and out! That you are!

  • Karin

    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Gena! You give so much to us, I can’t tell you how you’ve changed my life through your thyroid advocacy and parenting advice. God sent.

  • Janice

    Happy Mother’s Day gena! You’re such an inspiration to us. I enjoy your monthly blogs. I have 6 month twin babies and suffer badly from hypothyroidisim. I’m trying to find a good doctor, it’s been such a struggle. Thank you again for creating hope! #Angel

  • Heather

    Saw this on twitter! Great blog for Mother’s Day & you seem very real and simple, it’s refreshing to read a blog one can relate to. The pix are gorgous of your family!!

  • Shelly Johnson

    Happy Mother’s Day Gena! I love reading your blogs. I have a blended family and you’ve touched on so many important topics. What inspires you? You help so many with the work you’re doing. ;))) My family is taking me to brunch tomorrow, hope your day is awesome. Blessings, Shelly

  • tara

    Our family loves you Gena! we saw you and your family at legoland hotel the other day. You’re such a good mom and was friendly to everyone. You weren’t wearing any makeup and your hair was wet, you still stopped the knights sword event. lol Celebs like you should hear the good you do.

  • Gab

    Wow, she’s a really nice person. A real Mom 🙂

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