Roger Federer & Wife Welcome Twin boys: Leo & Lenny

It’s another set of twins for Roger Federer and wife Mirka!

“Mirka and I are so incredibly happy to share that Leo and Lenny were born this evening! #TwinsAgain,” Federer posted on Twitter.

The tennis star announced on his Facebook earlier on Tuesday that he had withdrawn from this week’s Madrid Open Masters event to be with his family. “I’ve decided to withdraw from Madrid to be with my wife Mirka during these next few exciting weeks for our family.”


The Federers announced the pregnancy in December, but did not reveal that Mirka was expecting another set of twins.

The couple are already parents to 4-year-old identical twin daughters Myla and Charlene.

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  • Cauncy

    That is awesome for them! Two sets of twins is a handful but I’m sure they can afford help. Aren’t Leo and Lenny both nicknames for Leonard?

  • Oh wow, another set of twins! This is so exciting, I’m so happy for them 🙂

    What are the odds. Unbelieveable!

    • sadie

      Actually, the odds are not that high. Twins run in families, and when you have had twins once, it is actually more likely that you’ll have twins again.

      I assume it’s genetic.

      • Tracy

        First set of twins look like identical twins though and that’s not genetic, that’s pure chance.

  • Lillian Touba

    Congratulations to them both. How lucky they are.
    What a special man Federer is . Love to all X

  • Anabelle

    Urgh, these people should not be parents of twins.
    They dress their two girls exactly the same all the time, and now they have two boys with stupid matchy names.
    They clearly just see their kids as twins and not as four individuals and that it going to impact their development greatly. I just find it depressing.

    • Tamsin

      Ridiculous statement. So so many parents dress their children the same et etc etc regardless of whether theyre even twins, its cute. I am a twin and of course my parents dressed me and my sister the same. They can treat them as individuals and dress them the same. Wearing matching outfits with my twin has effected me in no way what so ever and its ridiculous to think otherwise. Just be happy for these parents.

      • Anna

        I totally agree. I’m a twin myself and me and my sister would often wear matching outfits. Our little sisters who’s two years younger would even wear the same outfit every now and then.

        It’s ridiculous to say that you cannot treat your kids as individuals because you put them in matching outfits. And it’s even more ridiculous to say that they shouldn’t parent twins because of this!

        • Anabelle

          I am too a twin (an identical twin) and I stand by my statement.

          • Anabelle

            For that matter, I have twin daughters (fraternal) and I never refer to them as “the twins” they have never worn identical outfits and they don’t have matchy names. I don’t want them to grow up as “the twins”. They are two lovely personalities and haven’t been defined at all by the label “the twins”.

            I don;t know. Maybe I am overreacting, but all my life I have always hated being confused as my twin, being refered to as “the twins”, being spoken of like we are the same person. And so I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if me and my sister were dressed the same and had matchy names.

  • I gave birth to twins once . I cannot imagine doing it twice . She is an amazing lady. Congratulations to the family .

  • a

    @ Anabelle get a life,nothing wrong with dressing twins or siblings in matching outfits.It’s their kids let them dress them as they wish.

    • Anabelle

      Around the age of 14-18 kids will start wanting to find their own identity. Parents dressing you the same and refering to you as “the twins” all the time isn’t going to help that. And the more matchy your names are, the more likely people will refer to you as the wrong name. That is irritating as Hell.

      • Anabelle

        And don’t tell me to “get a life.”.

        • Anabelle

          I am commenting on messageboards, it’s not like it’s my life.

  • Nikitax2

    I have 2 sets of identical twins also (girls first, then boys) identical are not genetic btw. Both my twins chose not wear wear the same outfits from young and like to change they way they look. They like their own identity. It’s Hard work and good luck to them both, they will be kept extremely busy with or without help.

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