Tom Arnold: “I Know I’ve Made Mistakes”

Actor, writer, and comedian Tom Arnold is the proud father of Jax, his one-year-old son with wife Ashley Groussman. The True Lies actor recently caught up with parenting expert Daddy Nickell for My Life As A Dad, the popular new web series that delves into the lives of celebrity and professional athlete dads.

In the interview, Tom discusses his childhood memories and his experience as a new father. The actor candidly opens up about growing up with an alcoholic parent, how it impacted his childhood, and how important it is to protect kids from various types of abuse.

He discusses the ways that he, himself, intends to protect his son from experiencing the same types of inappropriate encounters. He says, “These are going to be issues where I say, ‘Here is my experience, and, you know, just talk to me about it.'”

He also discusses a nerve-wracking experience that most new dads experience: the first time that mom leaves them home alone with the baby. In the interview, Tom recounts the first time his wife went shopping and left him alone with their newborn son and how he coped with “backseat mommying.”

The best advice he can offer new dad is, “This is for real. This is a lifetime commitment. Everything is different now.” He also encourages dads by discussing why it’s okay to make mistakes. “Relax. Babies don’t break so easy,” he says. “You are going to make mistakes. I know I’ve made mistakes.”

Tom concludes by discussing how once a baby comes into your life, your entire perspective changes. “We can be very selfish beings, and you really can’t be selfish anymore,” he says. “It’s kind of a relief, because it’s a hard job to be that selfish.”

To see the whole interview, visit the My Life As A Dad YouTube channel.

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