Eric Christian Olsen Shares Excitement About Becoming A Dad

NCIS: Los Angeles star Eric Christian Olsen is the proud papa of Wyatt, his 8-month-old son with wife Sarah Wright. Eric recently caught up with parenting expert Daddy Nickell for My Life As A Dad, the popular new web series that delves into the lives of celebrity and professional athlete dads.

During the segment, Eric marvels at all of the items needed to set up the nursery. “The baby room is  growing exponentially and I look at all this stuff and think, what will we use all this stuff for?” he says. While discussing all of the tiny shoes and capturing photos, he says, “It’s so unbelievably exciting.”

Eric also shares how he and his wife discovered that the development of hearing and understanding of vowels is evident in the third trimester of pregnancy, and he shares that reading was a great way for him to feel connected to the baby during the pregnancy. “When I was a little kid, my dad always read to us and my mom would read to us every night,” Eric says. “We started that tradition now. We put these little earbuds on the belly and I read Goodnight Moon every single night.”

Eric also says he found birthing classes and meetings with a doula helpful. “It was really helpful for me to have an understanding of what the next step was and what I could do [to help and be a part of the birthing process],” he shares.

To see the whole interview, visit the My Life As A Dad YouTube channel.

My Life As A Dad (MLAAD) is the first show of its kind to delve into the lives of celebrity and professional athlete dads to get their answers to important questions, such as how they feel about being a dad, their parenting philosophies, how they balance their family life with their professional life and, in some cases, how they relate their unique upbringing to being a dad today. You can subscribe to the My Life As A Dad YouTube channel, follow them on Facebook, and join the discussion on Twitter.

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