Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Welcome a Baby Girl: Alijah Mary

UPDATE: TMZ reports Hank and Kendra have named their daughter Alijah Mary Baskett.

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Kendra Wilkinson and husband Hank Baskett welcomed their second child – a baby girl on Friday (May 16).

The proud dad tells Us Weekly his little girl is “healthy with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes,” As for wife Kendra “She is great and did an amazing job.”

No other details have been released.  The baby joins big brother Hank IV, 4.

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  • Holly

    Congrats Kendra.

  • News Hound

    Call and make up with your own mother Kendra.

  • Jane

    Kendra does not speak to her mother anymore?

  • Anon

    I don’t think she does, according to her mom’s Facebook. It is public.

  • Ashley

    Wow Alijah. Seriously, one of the worst, and maybe the worst for 2014 celeb baby name I’ve heard!!!!

    I was expecting a unisex name from her, not a male name with a trashy spelling change.

    She’s really showing her class….

    • Eva

      I am always amazed by the commenters who think they should be consulted about what other people name their children. Seriously you have too much time on you hands – go and volunteer in your community or something. If you don’t like a name, don’t bestow it on your child.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe you should take you own advice and stop worrying about what other people comment about and volunteer in your community if you have so much time on your hands.

  • Sarah

    I absolutely disagree… Alijah is beautiful! A modified version of Elijah, which is also a great boy’s name. Why not? I’m a big fan.

  • Joey

    I am usually critical of celebrities choices of names because most of them are ridiculous. That being said, I actually like this name.

  • Mel

    Oh I read it as a silent j, as in A-li-yah or A-ly-ah.

  • SMH

    Its prob pronounced Elijah but AH-LY-AH sounds cuter. They wanted a unisex name but l am not sure this qualifies as one or morr of a made up version oc one. Its not bad though.

  • Gemi

    Dude, the name is Alijah which would be pronounced Aliya which is a common arabic name, and very pretty.

    Not like Elijah, the J is silent.

    • Sarah

      Em, yeah, that’s all great…but I’m pretty sure they’re basing it on the male “Elijah” and will therefore be pronouncing it “A-li-jah”, which I personally find much prettier than the super feminine Aliya. But thanks for your insight.

  • Obama=Disaster

    Too bad, ’cause Kendra had a smokin’ body when she shacked at the Playboy mansion. Now she looks like just another fat mom driving a mini-van.

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