Angelina Jolie: ‘Celebrity Moms Shouldn’t Complain’

Angelina Jolie & Kids Touch Down In Sydney


Our spinoff, HerScoop, is sending praise to celebrity mom Angelina Jolie.

Just weeks after Gwyneth Paltrow said her routine is “very difficult” compared to everyday working moms, Angelina says high-profile moms “shouldn’t complain,” and goes on to talk about the many privileges of A-listers.

To read Angelina and Gwyneth’s opposing views – and to see one of the best quotes regarding high-profile moms from The Mom Show alum Laurie Gelman – head over to HerScoop.

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  1. michelle

    damn, miss pretty is throwing some real mad shade at gwyneth “being a rich mama is so hard y’all, you don’t even know” paltrow.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think she throwing shade at goop she was ask a question and answerd it they same way she been doing for years when ask how she juggling work and motherhood.

    • SiervaMaria

      Agree with every word. I doubt seriously she even knows what GP said let alone would waste time trying to get in a dig. Angelina has better things to do with her time and evidence abounds proving that.

  3. Lane

    Motherhood has it joys and pains no matter what status in life. However, most celebrities do have greater privileges to make their role as a mother/parent a bit easier. Having said that, Knox shoes appear to be on the opposie feet. A mother of six cant catch it all. :))

  4. Angelina Jolie, is pretty well spoken and pretty much universally loved, so anything she says that’s remotely kind/modest/correct adds even more to her status of celebrity. But I guess when you compare her to others in the same position, she acts much better, and is more ideal, which is why she is liked so much, not just for her beauty.

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