Three Indy 500 Race Car Drivers On Fatherhood

Hélio Castroneves

With the Indy 500 only days away, we thought we’d check in on a few IndyCar racers who are also dads. Ed Carpenter, Hélio Castroneves, and Justin Wilson are  proud daddies who love fatherhood!  See what they had to say about what it takes to be a good dad as they chatted with parenting expert Daddy Nickell for My Life As A Dad, the popular new celebrity fatherhood web series.

Racer Ed Carpenter, father of three, discusses balancing career and family life saying, “I’m blessed to have an amazing wife, I think that is the biggest thing. Behind every dad, a good dad, is an even better mom.”

He also shares that his parents were his greatest role models who positioned him to be a father. “My parents were really good parents,” he says. “We’ve always been a really close family.”

When asked for his greatest piece of advice for new fathers, Ed states, “Really work on being patient. Once you have kids, things change…I think that’s one thing that’s helped me as a race car driver, as we’ve had kids my patience has grown so much.”

IndyCar race car driver and Dancing With The Stars champion Hélio Castroneves is a father-of-one, to daughter Mikaella, 4. While chatting about what being a dad really means to him, he says, “At the end of the day, it’s the best thing that could ever happen in my life.”

On whether he wants Mikaella to also drive race cars one day, he admits,  “She loves racing, and I don’t want her to drive race cars.” “I don’t. That’s why I did Dancing With The Stars…I wanted her to see it. She loved it!”

He goes on to discuss his experience in the delivery room when Mikaella was born. “It was the most incredible experience I ever had,” he says. “I can’t explain, unless you’re a dad. For those that are not, it’s difficult to explain…I was crying. I couldn’t stop crying.”

IndyCar race car driver Justin Wilson is a father of  daughters Jane, 6, and Jessica, 4.  Justin discusses the “tough” work/family life balance. He says, “It’s busy, but you have to try to put the effort in and try to balance the two lives out the best that you can.”

He goes on to discuss how “proud” he was when he taught both of his daughters how to ride a bike on the same day. “Last week, I taught them both on the same day how to ride their bicycles, which, for a dad, is a pretty proud moment.”

He also shares how he wants to be remembered as a dad. “Fun. I want my kids to enjoy growing up. I am sure that once they reach the teenage years, there will be that awkward point where dad is no longer cool, but I want it to last as long as it can,” Justin shares.

My Life As A Dad (MLAAD) is the first show of its kind to delve into the lives of celebrity and professional athlete dads to get their answers to important questions, such as how they feel about being a dad, their parenting philosophies, how they balance their family life with their professional life and, in some cases, how they relate their unique upbringing to being a dad today. You can subscribe to the My Life As A Dad YouTube channel, follow them on Facebook, and join the discussion on Twitter.

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