Emma Heming-Willis Shares Breast Feeding Photo

New mom Emma Heming-Willis shares a photo breastfeeding her 2-week-old daughter Evelyn Penn via Instagram.

“Breakfast of Champions. Photo cred: B. Willis,” Emma captioned the above image Saturday morning.

The week before – Heming-Willis, 35, Tweeted, “Nothing like answering the door and realizing your boob is hanging out after the fact #BreastfeedingMom.”


Emma and husband Bruce Willis, 59, are already parents to Mabel Ray, 2.  The Die Hard actor has three adult daughters Rumer, 25, Scout, 22, and Tallulah, 19, from his marriage to actress Demi Moore.

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Photo credit: Emma Heming Willis Instagram


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  1. Jessica

    Lol! That’s exactly how I was the first few months. Always managed to have one side of my shirt down with my nursing bra showing clear as day.

  2. Sisele

    We already know that Bruce has older children we do not need to see it every time.Do we see it with other celebrities and their older children no! But thanx to finally see this pix.. Maybe next time it will be with the hard rocker daughters Tallauh Rumer and Scout surround their new sister! And wait Demi’s ex Ashton will be having his child and that will be Tallauh, Rumer and Scouts stepsibling since Ashton isclose with Demi’s kids

  3. Anonymous

    I’m sick to death of celeb mom’s posting photo’s of what SHOULD be a PRIVATE feeding/nursing moment…… on the internet!!! We know, we know……. you want attention. How’s about putting out a good movie, TV or stage show (in Bruce’s case …not likely)? Now THAT would get our attention.

  4. Jaclyn Reynolds

    She’s a proud mommy and nursing is a wonderful bonding/feeding experience.

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