Hayden Panettiere Expecting First Child

Congratulations are in order for Hayden Panettiere and fiance Wladimir Klitschko.

The Nashville star, 24, and her fiance are expecting their first child Us Weekly reports.

“Hayden is totally pregnant!” a source tells the magazine.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November 2013 – Panettiere predicated what her kids would look like. “He’s got bowlegs and I’ve got knocked knees, so they’re going to have straight legs.” Adding, “and they’ll be normal height.”

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  1. klutzy_girl

    Aw, congratulations to them!

    And as much as I would love an Avery/Juliette baby on Nashville, she cheated and I’m terrified they’ll go the “Who’s the daddy?” route and no thanks. Would rather they didn’t write it in then.

  2. Gemi


    I’m just thinking how huge she may get if baby decides to take after daddy.

  3. Ashley

    She’s a tiny wee thing and he huge! Hope she has a safe and comfortable pregnancy

  4. Anabelle

    Aw, happy for them =)

    When your fiance is that much taller than you, I wonder how they even conceive in the first place lol.

  5. A. Smyth

    The baby’s eventual height is anyone’s guess

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