North West Poses With Her New “Nanny”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North posed for a photo with the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris – Carine Roitfeld.

Roitfeld was all smiles as she held the 11-month-old, and posted a picture of the two of them via her Instagram on Wednesday (May 28).

“Baby North and her new “nanny” Lovely little girlxxx,” she captioned the photo.

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  • SMH

    North meet the woman who will hopefully try to keep things “normal” for you and keep you grounded from the circus act you call your family.

  • Jane

    cute baby! Too bad her parents are crazy!

  • Booka

    Her parents aren’t crazy. Kim has really settled down and Kanye seems okay now too. They adore their baby and that’s all that counts. That lady is not the nanny. She is a well known fashion designer.

    • B

      Settled down? Since when?

    • Amani

      How would you know?

    • Meg

      Are you kidding ????? They’ve only been married a matter of weeks and with Kanye and Kim’s egos and dysfunctional lives I have no idea how you can say they have settled down plus you must not be a mom bc this baby needs more than just her parents love, she needs them to be stable, good role models, a priority etc… So I wouldn’t be so sure

  • SMH

    Since marriage a few days ago….lol

    Sad to say but l dont feel optimistic about the marriage w Kims track record. If they make it a year l will be quite shocked.

    • Amani

      Agree…between her track record with marriages, her family and his ego I don’t see how they even made it to the altar!

  • sandyra

    NO! She’s not posing with her new nanny. She’s posing with her ‘mommy’. The woman who gives her love, attention and everything she needs to become a human. Meanwhile, “mommy” is off being a ‘personality/porno star’ who has more time to spend with her new husband than time to spend with her own child. Pitiful, IMO.

    • NYCMommy

      You all do realize Nanny comment was a joke. This woman is no nanny she is the former editor in chief of Paris Vogue (hence the air quotes around “NANNY”).

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