Demi Moore & Bruce Willis’ Daughter Goes Topless In Protest

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How far would you go to make your voice heard?

For Scout Willis — above and beyond.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter was willing to go topless and roam the streets of New York in protest of Instagram’s policies against nudity.

Rihanna immediately took to Twitter to support Scout’s #freethenipples campaign. The social media site had recently taken down the pages of RiRi, Scout, and even esteemed Vogue editor, Grace Coddington’s where she posted an animated cartoon of herself topless. READ ARTICLE: Scout Willis Goes Topless In Protest!

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  • Blue butterfly

    How fucking dumb are these women? Thinking they can just show their stupid tits around town? There’s a reason bras and t shirts were invented so fucking cover up! Jeez your not in a porno. Unless that’s what they really want. Of course scouts a fucking blonde so she would show her breasts Jesus those women are getting trashy and slutty by the minute! And if New York allows this then I just hate that trash city that smells like fucking dog shit even more. Glad it got blown up. Greatest city in the world oh please give me a break! Any city is better then that garbage dump and these loose women are just stupid sluts that deserve to be raped. Maybe that will knock some sense into them and make them think, hey maybe I should cover up next time. Demi must be so ashamed. She’s dumb too so is her ex husband. Bunch of fucking freaks.

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