David Banda’s Got Talent!

Madonna took to Instagram and shared some videos on Thursday (May 29) of her 8-year-old son David dancing and singing.

In the above video – David plays the guitar and sings “Rule The World” by Coldplay.

The proud mama captioned the photo, “Yasssssssssssss Work Banda #artforchildren.”

See David dance to Will.I.Am’s “Feelin’ Myself.” below!

“The boy cant help it!” Madonna writes. “A little bathroom turn up! Happy Thursday! #artforfreedom.”


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Photo credit: Madonna instagram

  • LaKesha


  • Joey

    He has such a nice voice and very talented. Good

  • Jen

    Not “Clocks” but “Rule The World” by Coldplay. Talented little chap! According to Madonna’s Instagram page her boys are very active and talented.

    • Elinor

      Actually the song is called Viva La Vida 🙂

  • SiervaMaria

    Such a handsome and talented lad.

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