Hilaria Baldwin: “I Am Trying To Make My Peace With The Paparazzi”

Hilaria Baldwin was seen walking with 9-month-old Carmen in NYC on Monday (June 2). The yoga instructor showed off her toned legs in a short shorts and cork heels.

Just last month – her husband Alec Baldwin was arrested for riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue. Hilaria took to Twitter to vent her anger at some of the paparazzi who confronted her and her 9-month-old daughter, Carmen, outside their apartment.

“This man almost hit my child and ran when the cops arrived. Anyone know him?” She also posted a video with the caption: “Wanna be a celebrity? Enjoy.”

Now, trying to make amends – the usually zen Baldwin, 30, tells the NY Times “I never would have done that before.” Adding, “I am trying to make my peace with the paparazzi.”

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  1. ebim1

    that is one cute baby but my god- H looks like a street walker in that tacky as hell outfit.. stilettos with jean cut offs?! the epitome of money can’t buy ya class!

  2. heather

    I don’t get why she always wears high heels no matter what her outfit is. So weird.

  3. Booka

    She can wear whatever she wants. It’s her deal, nobody else’s. But people always try and find a way to say something derogatory. She’s a good mama, out with her baby, love the yoga poses, gets me motivated to do more myself.

  4. Jen

    Oh, please. If the paparazzi went away, Hilaria would do a naked yoga pose in Times Square until they came back.

  5. Gigi

    Is it me or does Halaria look like she’s…well..they always seem to catch her when she’s looking…I don’t know. Never mind..lol..just scrolled up and another poster already said what I was trying to. I guess we now know why Alec married her..lol.

  6. Anonymous

    “I am trying to make my peace with the paparazzi.” LAMF that’s why she poses in front of any chance she can get.

    She only hides her baby face when Alec is around and when he not she has no problem smiling and at the paparazzi and posing while they take pictures of her baby face. Not to mention her doing yoga pose not just for Facebook/Instagram but in front of the paparazzi.

  7. me

    Yeah, yoga poses all over Manhattan just screams “Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!”

  8. Anonymous

    OMG, this woman is faker than Barbie. Just STFU, you fame obsessed nobody.

  9. Jen

    This is better than her psycho husband beating up paps and being a jackass all the time. Although she married him so that shows she’s not so smart to begin with. I feel sorry for that little girl..but mainly cause of Dad..not Mom.

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