Uma Thurman & Luna: Gramercy Park Tour

Actress Uma Thurman and her 22-month-old daughter Luna got a private tour of the famed Gramercy Park nestled in Manhattan last week. The mother-daughter-duo took a seat on the open grass to look at the beautiful trees, although the park had a sign saying “Please Keep off Grass.”

Thurman, 44, snapped a few photos of Luna, helped her climb some trees and let her swing from a branch.

Us Weekly reports the actress and her 51-year-old her fiance Arpad Busson have split up.  According to a source,“it’s true.”

Together – Uma and Arpad have Luna, and they both have kids from previous relationships as well.

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  1. Roma

    Though, of course, if my children played on the grass, they’d be told off. Why is it one rule for some and another for others?

  2. SiervaMaria

    I just love this pic×1440.jpg

    As for the sign, it strikes me as an “if you don’t mind” request over a “you will be fined if you do” demand. Yes, it should be respected but since according to this “Actress Uma Thurman and her 22-month-old daughter Luna got a private tour…” and the assumption she and her daughter were accompanied by an employee, I’d say this is on the park and not Uma.

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