Julie Bowen: “It’s About Setting Limits”

The star of TV’s top sitcom talks about her own modern family with WorkingMother.com.

You play Claire, a married mom of three kids—just like you are in real life. What has Claire taught you about motherhood?
That being your kids’ best friend is not always the best parenting choice. It’s not about everybody being happy all the time. It’s about setting limits. In my house that makes my kids very unhappy, like tantrums-on-the-ground-twice-a-day unhappy. But the limits are set.

So you had Oliver, now 6, and then along came twins John and Gustav in 2009. How was the transition from one to three?
I think going from zero to one was hardest because of the mental difference between all of your time being your own to there being a living being you now have to consider first. That mental change doesn’t ever go away. But three is complicated in that it’s like running a small army.

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