Happy 6th Birthday Honor Warren

Name: Honor Marie Warren

Date of Birth: June 7, 2008

Parents: Jessica Alba & Cash Warren

Siblings: Haven, 2


♥ Honor was born in Los Angeles, Calif. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

♥ She is being raised bilingual in Spanish and English

♥ Her birth was the catalyst behind her mother’s business titled The Honest Company


“Honor likes wearing heels and dresses. I’m like, ‘No! [Don’t you want to] climb a tree?’” – Jessica on her little fashionista.

“For sure I see a mini me. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. Honor is like me grown up. It’s so bizarre.” – Jessica on her first born daughter.

“I serve Honor flavored sparkling water – she thinks that it’s soda and that’s what I let her think. I told her “brown soda” is only for adults, and she believes me. Ha! And when the paparazzi follow us, and she asks me what they’re doing, I tell her, ‘They’re just taking pictures. Isn’t that silly?’ I don’t want her to have anxiety, so I tell her they do that to everyone, not just our family.” – Jessica on her first born daughter.

“I’m very strict with her. When it’s time for her to eat, whether she’s hollering or whatever, it’s time to eat. She gets a time out if she cries for no reason. So then she stops because she doesn’t want a time out.” – Jessica on her parenting rules.

“Before I had kids, I was always so focused on my career, and it was always such a big thing for me. But once I had kids, it changed. That’s probably the thing that’s surprised me most about motherhood – just how secondary everything else is. Nothing else really matters to me aside from my children and their well-being.” – Jessica on motherhood.

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