Hank Baskett: Alijah & Hank Make Everyday Father’s Day

Kendra On Top star Hank Baskett has a lot to celebrate this Father’s Day.  The proud papa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about family life with their newest addition – daughter Alijah Mary.

The former NFL star, 31, chats about how little Hank, 4, is adjusting to his baby sister, how raising a daughter will be different, and his Father’s Day plans.

CBS: You and Kendra welcomed a beautiful baby girl into your family recently, how has Alijah Mary changed your life so far? Does she have your wrapped around her little finger yet?

HB: “Alijah has been absolutely amazing. Other than the fact that early on she was more like a vampire with her sleeping habits. But seriously she has been a little angel. For the first few days in the hospital I couldn’t help but look at her and have my eyes water up. She’s papa’s lil girl and I’m already feeling that. She has me wrapped more than by her little finger. I might as well have hand cuffs on. Gonna be hard to tell her no.”

CBS: How is Kendra feeling? Is Alijah sleeping well so far?

HB: “Kendra is doing very good. The nurses at the hospital were even amazed at how fast she was up walking around. Kendra had definitely been a trooper. Until Alijah stops breastfeeding I’m basically a changing parent.

CBS: How is Hank Jr. adjusting to having a little sister? He’s been an only child for 4 years, does he like being a big brother?

HB: “Honestly Lil Hank had reacted better than Kendra and I could’ve ever imagined. He had been extremely loving and caring with Alijah. He always wants to give her a kiss in the head before she goes to sleep and before he goes to school. He’s even told us at times we couldn’t hold her because she’s his baby sister and he’s protecting her. He’s gonna be one hell of a big brother!”

CBS: How do you think raising a daughter will differ from raising a son? In what ways do you think you’ll be more strict or lenient?

HB: “There’s gonna be slight changes in raising a girl but we don’t want to change things too much. We feel like we’ve done pretty good with Hank and don’t want her treated any differently. I must admit that I’m exited to have someone on my side now. There are times Kendra and Lil Hank gang up on me.”

CBS: Father’s Day is coming up, what will make this Father’s Day special for you?

HB: “I couldn’t ask for anything more for Father’s Day than I already have. Kendra has blessed me with two of the most amazing gifts a man could ask for. Alijah and Hank make everyday Father’s Day to me. Kendra is the most amazing wife and mother I could’ve ever dreamed of. She is very adamant that I get enough rest and at times I feel guilty because she’s doing so much. Probably my favorite thing so far is seeing Alijah and Lil Hank curled up in her arms. I just sit back, take many pictures, and thank the Lord for putting Kendra in my life. So much has happened in 6 years since we met I can’t help but look forward to the many more ahead!!”

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