Debbie Matenopoulos: “I Think Pregnancy is Beautiful”

The View alum Debbie Matenopoulos is expecting her first child later this year. The two-time Emmy nominee opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her regular role as one of the “family” on Home & Family, her pregnancy and her new book, It’s All Greek to MeHome & Family airs weekdays at 10 am ET/PT on the Hallmark Channel.

CBS: Tell us a little about your maternity style. What advice do you have for mamas to be who want to be trendy but comfortable?

DM: “I’m actually just starting to find my maternity style to be honest. My bump is just now starting to show a little so I’m learning to dress it. I like wearing body conscious dresses that actually show it off.

I think pregnancy is beautiful and I love it when women embrace their bumps so I have been trying to wear bump hugging silhouettes. I do however have some really fantastic boho chic dresses and onesies that I love as well. I have been wearing a lot of Veronica M dresses. Her dresses are versatile and super flattering whether you’re pregnant or not. Veronica M dresses have been my best friend.”

CBS: Have you started to plan the nursery yet? Can you share any details about the theme, colors, etc.?

DM: “I have not started to plan the nursery yet. I guess I better get on that soon huh? We are not finding out what we are having so it makes it kind of difficult to pick colors and themes etc. I think I’m going to do a bit of sea/beach theme or a safari animal theme. My hubby is a spear fisherman and diver so he is leaning towards the sea theme. One thing we do know is that we are going to paint clouds and a blue sky on the ceiling. That’s about as far as we’ve gotten. I can’t believe I only have four months left. That’s going to be here very soon.”

CBS: What’s been the best piece of advice you’ve received so far about pregnancy and motherhood?

“The best piece of advice I’ve gotten about pregnancy and motherhood is to simply enjoy it. There are so many things for us to worry about that sometimes we don’t actually give ourselves a chance to enjoy how beautiful the whole process of pregnancy and motherhood is. I truly believe this will be the most beautiful and important thing I will ever do in my life. I’m really excited about it all.”

CBS: You recently celebrated your Greek heritage with the release of your new cookbook It’s All Greek To Me. What can we learn from the Greek culture and cuisine?

“I did just release my very first Greek Cookbook, “It’s All Greek To Me-transform your health the Mediterranean way with my family’s century old recipes.” The book is a compilation of my family’s century old recipes that are not only great for your health but also incredibly delicious. There is a lot to learn from my ancestors. Greek people have been eating organically for hundreds of years. They wouldn’t consider spraying chemicals on fruits and vegetables or pumping hormones into animals that they would then eat. It’s just simple common sense to them. They have always had a farm to table way of eating and I believe this is why there is a much lower rate of heart disease and dementia in Greece. The people live longer and are healthier and it’s not because they are running to the gym every opportunity they get. In some places in Greece the average man is 4 times as likely to reach the age of 90, and be in good health, as his American counterpart. There’s something to be said for that. I believe so strongly in the incredible health benefits of the food I was raised on that I wanted to share it with the world. The Mediterranean /Greek diet consists of a lot of oregano, lemon, and olive oil, all of which have been proven to have super healing powers. All of the recipes in my book are authentic, healthy and delicious. You’ll be eating these dishes and thinking, how is this possibly good for me? Well I promise you, it is. The main reason being, nothing is processed. I do not believe in eating processed food. I’m not a doctor but I believe a lot of processed foods are the cause of many of our health issues in this country. I truly hope that everyone who prepares food from my book will enjoy the benefits of it as much as I have over the years.”

View a clip of Debbie on Home & Family here.

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