Prince George’s Father’s Day Polo Match

Kate Middleton, Dutchess of Cambridge and her adorable 10-month-old son Prince George were all smiles as they paid Prince William a surprise Father’s Day visit at a Cirencester, Gloucestershire, charity polo match.

It looks like the Prince will be walking soon!  Kate beamed with pride as George attempted a few wobbly steps while holding his mother’s hand.

A polo spectator at the match told Us Weekly, “You know George — wriggle wriggle wriggle! He was adorable. He was in Kate’s arms most of the time, but she put him down on the ground a couple of times to play. He was grabbing one of the polo mallets at one point when Kate joined in with the divot stomping during a break. Kate seemed a bit nervous to let go of him though. Saying, ‘He’s really fast!.'”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Not

    I see she still does not know how to carry that kid….also he seems like he could be a handful…cute though……

  2. Olivia

    Are you kidding??? He is 1, 1 year olds do not stay still when you hold them, I have a 1 year old niece and she squirms and wiggles, totally normal, all 1 year olds are handfuls

  3. BritGirl

    Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge, that is what you should call her!
    Adorable George!

  4. Michelle

    At first I was like, “Ugh, royals, whatever…” and then, “OMG, his adorable chubby cheeks! I can’t look away! OMG look at him wiggled in his mommy’s arms! OMG he’s walking! Precious!!!”

  5. Ashlynn

    He’s 10 mnths he’s not going to stay still. She’s a new mom & she may not have found her groove yet. Give her a break!

  6. Anabelle

    I wish the monarchy would just go away. I hate seeing them spending my taxes on ridiculous ceremonies, and animal cruelty, and lavish holidays.

  7. sarahgrace

    She is just so beautiful and could George be any cuter?!! I know his parents love him to pieces. Such a sweet family, I forget they are royal sometimes, they just seem like they could be a family down the street from mine.

    I love her hair, it looks like she’s wearing it a bit shorter now. I might just be talked into going darker and shorter the more I look at Kate. She just always looks fabulous, even in jeans and a striped top!

    And yes, babies squirm – please do not judge her by one frame of a camera. We would not want to be judged that way either. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is still some very good advice!

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