Beautifying Our Kids: How Far is Too Far?

Kim Kardashian shows off her massive diamond wedding ring while carrying baby North in New York City

Our spinoff, HerScoop, is looking at celebrity kids who’ve been beautified.

From Kim Kardashian recently piercing her 1-year-old daughter’s ears, to Tom Cruise embracing Suri’s high heels, to Gwen Stefani dying her son’s hair, let’s look at 5 celebrity tots who’ve been primped ‘n prepped.

To see who’s been beautified – and to voice your opinion – head over to HerScoop…..

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  1. Michelle

    I had my ears pierced when I was only a few months old, according to my mother. I don’t “agree” with it. If I ever have a daughter, I would not do that to her… but I do think that Nori looks so very precious with those earrings on in that photo. I think it’s something that should be done at 13+ years (if that’s what the child wants), not when your child is barely a 1 year old. Then again, I’m very anti-circumcision also, and I don’t really believe in “gender roles”, so… yeah.

  2. Veronica

    Why are people freaking out about this?! I had mine pierced when I was like 10 minutes old. I’d rather have them pierced at that age than at +8! Having your ears pierced won’t traumatize your child, so let’s get over it.

    And stop judging what other parents do to/with their children.

  3. Barbara

    Ear piercing babies is not new. Why so judgemental because it’s Kim? She is not the root of all evil.

  4. Missy

    I had my ears pierced when I was a couple of weeks old.
    Here in my country little girls very often have their ears pierced before they are 15 days old, and they don’t feel a thing, most won’t even wake up from their sleep.

  5. clau

    Whats wrong with piercing ears?! In my country and mostly all countries it is normal!! But americans freak out, why?

  6. lynnie

    I would be much more concerned about what that child will grow up hearing with those ears. She is starting out with two strikes against her – her parents.

  7. Temany

    Although I personally wouldn’t do any of these things to my child, at the end of the day, high heels can be taken off and hair dye will grow out, but holes/scars on the earlobes are forever. Who are any of us to enforce permanent body marking of any kind on an innocent minor?

  8. Anabelle

    I have four kids and I would never get their ears pierced so young. Why? Because siblings fight! That piercing could easily get ripped out.

  9. Jen

    Of all the things to crucify Kim Kardashian over, piercing her daughter’s ears should not be one of them o.O Many many many parents decide to pierce their daughter’s ears at an early age. I don’t have a daughter so I really do not know what I would chose but my mother had mine done when I was an infant. I turned out okay lol

  10. SiervaMaria

    This is a nothing issue trying hard to become a something issue. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was a little girl just as pretty much every female in my life has. This is ridiculous. This is so much about Kim Kardashian and little else. I’m not a fan at all but where was the media when Angelina/Brad had their youngest daughter’s ear’s pierced?! Not a peep and I AM a fan of Angelina.

    • Anonymous

      This is not about Kim for the most part this happen a year or two ago when another celebrity child ear were pierced I just wish I could remeber who it was.

      That’s one of the reason I’ve been avoiding many of these post on other blogs becuase I knew who many people would react. I’m glad to see so many here not see the nasty judgemental people here. I feel you can have a different opinion with out being nasty and vulgar.

  11. Sophia

    Personally I wouldn’t make any unnecessary body modifications to my child until they’re old enough to actually decide for themselves. I figure it’s not my body so it’s not my choice. Probably wouldn’t allow heels as a rule until teenage years, just because they’re not great for legs and feet, especially growing ones. And if my kid really wanted hair dye I’d probably let them use a natural dye, no bleach though. I mean, it’s every parent’s choice if they want to let their children wear/make changes to their bodies and hair, but I don’t agree with infant piercing because they have absolutely no say in a matter that directly affects their body. JMO.

  12. Regina Reyna

    I’m from Texas, and I don’t see the problem. All the girls in my family had their ears pierced at a young age. About the time we get baptized.

  13. Elizabeth

    Mexicans often pierce babies ears. I see it quite often.

  14. laura

    Hi! I personally don’t think that this post is against Kim Kardashian, they took it just as the latest example, but the fact that they mention Tom Cruise and Gwen Stefani as well makes it obvious that this is just about the topic in general.

    As I see it, I really don’t like “adultifying” kids, if that makes sense. Earrings are for adults, they look ridiculous on children, in my opinion. I think it doens’t make sense for kids to have them and it can even be dangerous, because they can tear them apart while playing.
    I know that in some cultures they are normal, but for me it doens’t make sense and it’s distasteful.
    Plus, I think earrings are something that the girl should “earn”, like for example a prize for being good at school and with siblings/friends. I had my ears pierced when I was almost 14 (and I didn’t have the desire before) and it was nice because I was old enough to care for it myself and to be able to realize if an infection had come or anything like that.
    If and when I’ll have a daughter I guess I’ll let her have her ears pierced from age 10, at least, not before, and if she wants.

  15. laura

    Honestly I think that the longer kids stay simple and have no interest in trends or consumeristic stuff, the better. They’ll have time to think about their image later in life and it will never be too late. If they can just have a few more years of freespiritedness it’s just a good thing, in my opinion.

  16. Evangelina49

    Other children were pulling them out of the ears of the child I know with earrings. They didn’t seem to stay in very well either.

  17. winnie

    did you hear that rumour that Kim K was boasting about how Nori was much cuter than Blue Ivy? I believe it. that child is a just a handbag to her mother and god help her if she turns out ordinary looking. she could be kind, wise, insightful and witty but all her mother and father care about is “hot”. sigh.

  18. Yakasuri

    I hate this with a passion…did she ask Nori if she wanted it?

  19. Marie

    Big deal, nothing new. Yes, Yakasuri, we ask kids what they want and let them rule the world, that works…..guess we could not cut their hair, take them to the doctor or dress them until they can make their own decisions……nonetheless, North is a gorgeous little girl!

    • Yakasuri

      I got mine at mom never wanted it, she waited for me to decide..I wish I never did them, because after one month I stopped wearing them..I was bored with them, I only did because all my friends had them. Now that I am 30, the holes are closed, and will never do it again.

  20. jjj

    I had my ears pierced when l was 6 mos old. I have no recollection of it. I asked for my 2nd hole when l was 8. I had my third by 12 and 4th by age 13. It was the same age l got my belly button pierced *gasp* and at 14 l got a tattoo. My moms philosophy. There could be worse things my kids could ask for and/or be doing. I was an A-B student who never got in trouble.

    I dont yet have a daughter but if l did l would have her ears pierced as soon as the dr okayed it which is anywhere from 3mos to 1 years. Itss my preference.
    Nori is adorable btw!

  21. Lulu

    I think people also forget piercing is often a cultural thing. In India, really young children sometimes have ears/noses pierced. As long as it heals properly and quickly, what’s the big deal? It’s not a tattoo – it’s reversible.

  22. D

    I hate piercings on girls or boys. Anyone who says oh its a cultural thing has lost the argument for me. It is still scarring your child’s body permanently. Circumcision, male or female is a cultural thing, to me its child abuse. If your child had a larger nose than cosmetically desirable and you wanted your child to get them a nose job people would think you were ridiculous and probably report you to social services. Holes in ears and taking parts of the body off that is unnecessary, is the same thing to me! You are violating your child’s human rights!
    In India they may pierce their nose as a “cultural thing”, but a lot also marry their young daughters off, often before they have even hit puberty, to their cousin or worse someone they don’t know. In India they ganged raped a young woman as she was seen talking to a man from a different village. None of the other women in the village would testify to this as they believed the woman deserved it, as this is what is done in their ‘culture’.
    In the Caribbean it is normal to beat your child with a belt as punishment, thats a cultural thing!
    I could go on but I think my point is made.

  23. meghan

    I have a much bigger problem with Gwen Stefani bleaching her sons hair than with piercing a baby’s ears. I personally would not do it, but I think it’s silly that the press is acting like K is the first person to ever pierce a toddler’s ears. I got mine pierced at nine. My aunt took me out for the day a few days after my birthday. We spent the day together and we got my ears pierced. It’s a nice memory to have. I would personally wait til my child is old enough to ask, so we can make a special memory of it, the way my aunt and I did. I felt so special, like it was my first adult decision.

  24. Kim

    of all the things to dislike kim & the kardashians for, this is so not one of them. i had mine done at 8 and, although i strongly considered doing it early, my daughter can have hers done when she can take care of them herself.

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