Tori Spelling & Kids: Pool Party Time

Actress Tori Spelling was spotted with three of her kids – Stella, 6, Hattie, 2 1/2, and Finn, 1 1/2, along with their nanny. The group was headed to a pool party at a friend’s house on Sunday (June 22).

In December 2013, news broke that Dean had cheated on her with 28-year-old Emily Goodhand earlier that month. Admitting that he cheated, Dean said he wasn’t attracted to Goodhand – she was simply a “warm body.”

Due to all the drama, the Beverly Hills, 90201 alum, 40, spent six days in the hospital with intense migraines. Reportedly, Dean stayed by her side throughout most of her stay.

“He was my soulmate, but he completely broke my heart,” Tori said of Dean. “It makes you not trust anything that’s happened in your relationship.

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You possibly meant three of her four children?
Also, it’s nice to see Hattie finally sporting some hair! It sure took a while to grow =P

Where is her husband

Dean cheated what do you think Mary Jo Eustace thought when Tori was Emily.. The
Nice warm body to be next to? Eh? Why do that to Dean .. BooHoo Tori did the same thing to her own husband Charlie , do you think he would not think the same thing as what she is doing to Dean!


Dragging the Nanny along on a Sunday. And on a Sunday where its a pool party, hardly necessary to take along help to a party being held and hosted by others.

Tori surely has more money than she makes out they have/have lost, this is the third nanny i see regularly with the family. 3 nannies on payroll would be expensive.


Here we go again,……so what she has nannies. Next topic…..


Perhaps they have three nannies that work 8 hours each (8 x 3 =24). dont see what the issue is. she has 3 small children with her. I would have loved to have an extra set of eyes on my kids (esp. at a pool party). Other people at party will be busy taking care of their own kids etc… better safe than sorry with small kids around pools. 🙂

She has the nanny why not take her to the event? if you employ them why not use them?


Just bc it says their nanny doesnt mean its their nanny it could be one of Tori’s friends.


Amazing how much Stella looks like her dad. They are total twins. It’s like Dean with a wig on!!!