Guy Ritchie & Jacqui Ainsley Welcome Baby No. 3

Guy Ritchie and his model fiancée Jacqui Ainsley recently welcomed their third child together – reports E! News. No further details have been reported.

The newborn joins siblings Rivka, 18 months, and Rafael, 2 1/2. Ritchie, 45, has two sons with his ex-wife Madonna – Rocco, 13, and David, 8.

Thanks to reader Marilyn for the tip!

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  1. Christie

    Wow! Three babies in two and a half years! They must have good help.

  2. Mr Madonna is having a baby

    Wow ! Madonna ex Husband is having a baby , now Rocco and his brother are going to have another brother or sister! Wow way to go Mr Madonna

  3. Anabelle

    I wonder if the baby will have another R name?

  4. Jenna Smith

    Well, Ritchie’s divorce from Madonna is financing is current shack up and 3 new children. I am guessing he is not marrying his babies mama because there is no financial gain for him. And I am guessing she is staying because it’s better than struggling to pay her bills on her own. I do not get it. Why won’t he married her now, after 3 kids?

    • V

      Not everyone feels the need to get married. I don’t know why the world is obsessed with couples getting married, or not. If he was worried about protecting his money from his lady he’d hardly be knocking her up over and over again. She’s already got him for massive child support even if they aren’t married.
      Do we know enough about this woman to assume she had trouble paying her bills before meeting Ritchie or are we just labeling her because he’s famous? She’s a model, maybe she’s paying her own bills and just, you know, actually loves her “baby daddy.”
      I think Guy earned every single penny he got out of the divorce with Mo, she’s got to be a chore to live with for that many years, he’s the only one who stuck for any length of time. It’s not like this guy is some deadbeat, he’s got a career of his own.

  5. Sophia

    I wonder what baby’s name is- the other two from their relationship have beautiful names!

  6. Courtney

    Does anyone know who makes the dress she is wearing?

  7. stacey

    That is one beautiful little boy!!!

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