Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Expecting First Child

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting their first child reports Us Weekly.  A source confirmed the news to the magazine that the actress is seven months pregnant.

Mendes, 40, and Gosling, 33, have been dating since the fall of 2011.  The actors played parents in their 2012 drama The Place Beyond the Pines.

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  1. SiervaMaria

    I’m rare in that I’m more a fan of her than him but I like him too and I’m glad to know my instincts were correct in believing they weren’t a flash in the pan. So many “Notebook” fans weirdly dislike Eva because of the false belief she robbed them of a Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams permanence. The thing is, they split long before Eva came along, like three or four years and so I don’t get the eagerness to hate/dislike this woman. Pat them on their backs btw for their deftness at staying beneath the radar for so long. I mean WOW! 7 months! She almost made it! lol

  2. beetee

    Congrats to them! She must have abs to die for her to keep a 7 month pregnancy and no one noticed. It always makes me laugh when celebs announce to the whole world they don’t want to have kids. They end up getting pregnant shortly after that. Cameron Diaz is next lol Having a baby and being a mother is such wonderful thing. It changes you…. for the better

    • SiervaMaria

      Two of my very good friends who honestly, fervently and “demonstrably” let all know that they did not like children, did not want any of their own and there would never be anything to change their minds. Well, they each have two and you have never EVER seen such doting and proud mom’s in your life lol.

  3. Tazmin

    She hasn’t left the house or at least been seen in public since March which is how she was able to keep it private. I suspect she didn’t want her baby bump to be a paparazzi and media feeding frenzy. Well, not long now. I’m sure she’s suffered a lot less stress being able to keep the pregnancy under wraps for so long.

  4. SMH

    Interesting considering in a few interviews she said she had no interest in having children. Guess people change esp when its not planned.

    • SiervaMaria

      But how do you know it wasn’t planned? Why assume that they didn’t decide that “they, together” wanted to be parents? Why are some having such a tough time with this to the point that excuses need to be made to deal with it.

      • mrs. trumbell

        because they’re drawing conclusions based on things she HAS said. and you’re drawing conclusions based on things she has NEVER said.

        • SiervaMaria

          mrs trumbell, read for comprehension. SMH states…….”Guess people change esp when its not planned” Emphasis on “when it’s not planned.” That isn’t drawing a conclusion. That’s straight up no chaser SMH making a statement of fact. I believe the apples and oranges adage is something you’re unfamiliar with because what I said and what SMH said is just that, apples and oranges. I DID express “what if” were as SMH did not.

          • SMH

            Your right l did imply it wasnt planned and l dont know for certain but l would put all my money on that at 40 and always saying you dont care for kids you more then likely found yourself with an ooops pregnancy. Then again maybe she did just suddenly decide she liked kids!

  5. Anonymous1

    Well thats exciting news. Congratulations to the two of them!

    I will admit though that I’ve secretly been hoping for years that he and Rachel would reunite. Wishful thinking I know.

  6. Anonymous

    I thought they broke up. I guess not.

  7. Sophia

    They looked so cute as a little family in A Place Beyond the Pines 🙂

  8. Oh my, their baby will be so beautiful!!! I’m jealous, I want to have his babies, lol.

  9. anonymous

    baby-band aid for the failing relationship, eva? not cool!

  10. Anonymous

    Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 9:16 am
    Your right

    It’s YOU’RE not your. Learn proper grammar before you post. You sound like an uneducated idiot.

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