Halle Berry: “I Have Had No Paparazzi Since January 1st”

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Our spinoff, HerScoop, reports on Halle Berry‘s paparazzi reform.

Although Halle and fellow celebrity mom, Jennifer Garner, were told it is “impossible” to change paparazzi law in California, Halle recently said, “I have had no paparazzi since January 1st.”

To find out how Halle and Jennifer made the “impossible” possible, head over to HerScoop

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Photo credit: CBS News

  • Anonymous

    Funny because there are paparazzi pictures of her and Nahla shopping in LA in February and March and there have been paparazzi photos of her son well as. There are also many pictures of Jennifer Garner and her family.

    I wonder why Halle didn’t mention that she moved to a more private neighborhood and Nahla goes to a new school. Which is a another reason why they don’t get photograph as much.

    • SiervaMaria

      You sound like you’re mad that she’s not being tracked and chased! Geez! My goodness, what is it with that? You sound like you’re accusing her of something; like she’s on trial!

      • Anonymous

        Actually I’m not mad I just curious why she would say she been paparazzi free when she hasn’t been. Jennifer Garner said the some thing when she was promoting Draft Day and she too still gets photograph a lot by the paparazzi.

        I was also stating a fact that her moving to a private neighborhood and Nahla going to a new school help her get more privately.

    • Scooter

      Maybe they’re photographing her from a distance now instead of stalking her at her home and school. I believe that is their main complaint. Not so much about having their photo taken but the aggressive and disrespectful way they obtain the photos.

  • SiervaMaria

    Loved EXTANT last night! Great show (imo). I wondered how soon after giving birth did she start filming. She looks awesome in it but obviously a tad thicker than she was maybe two years ago. She wears it well.

  • Lea

    It may work for Halle (I have never seen pictures of baby Maceo and no recent pictures of Nahla), but the Affleck kids still get papped daily.

    • Mayle

      I have the daily mail has pictures of him as well as Blackcelebritykids.com has a resent picture of him were you get a clear veiw of his face. As for Nahla there are pictures of her in June out and about with Halle husband sorry I don’t know his name.

  • Tazlea

    What about the photos with the baby the other day? Does that not count?

  • Sami

    Paps still photograph her and Garner/ Affleck. They just don’t get as close and they don’t shout.

  • @ Lea

    Here one of the pictures of her son from the other day.


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