Olivia Wilde Introduces Son Otis

New mom Olivia Wilde shared the first official photo of her son Otis, nearly 3 months.

“Rock and roll, baby,” the Her actress, 30, captioned the above photo via Instagram Thursday.

This marks the first official photo of the adorable tot.

In May, we caught our first glimpse of Olivia and SNL alum Jason Sudeikis‘ sweet baby boy.

Otis arrived on April 23, with his mom tweeting that he had “LEFT the building.” And despite late-night feedings and diaper duty, The O.C. alum has been keeping us entertained on Twitter ever since.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Ann

    ohhh my god…this is too cute!:)

  • donna

    Strange choice for an “official” photo – his face is obscured and her back is to the camera.

  • casey

    Isn’t the whole idea of an “official” photo to show the person’s face??? Dumb.

    • Eva

      Actually the whole idea is for parents to be in charge of their children, including releasing or not releasing photos. Even celebrities have this right.

      • casey

        Yikes, down girl!! I’m not talking about “rights”, I’m talking about commonsense vis-à-vis how the article is worded, my friend. It seems counter intuitive to say she’s releasing an “official photo” when said photo doesn’t show the subject(s)’s face(s). That’s all.

        • shierdey

          could be an official photo of her foot if she wants….the face is optional

  • Marilyn

    I’ve already seen a photo of his face somewhere else about a month ago.

  • Gemi

    From what I can tell he looks like Jason.

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