Daphne Oz: “My Dad Was Full Of So Much Good Advice”

The Chew star Daphne Oz covers the current issue of Mini magazine and opens up about her daughter Philomena, nearly 5 months, the best advice her father Dr. Oz gave her, and embracing her pregnant body.

On loving pregnancy: “I actually was the most confident I’ve ever been in my body while I was pregnant. I felt so powerful and free to flaunt the curves that we’re growing a little baby, so I wore a ton of body con and low boots. I figured out early on that wearing loose clothing often just makes you look bigger, so I tried to wear stuff that fit but that wasn’t tight or uncomfortable. Kimonos were a thing of mine for a while, as were pretty baby doll dresses, and of course great leggings and tops.”

On the best advice her dad gave her: “My dad was full of so much good advice. But I think the best kernel of wisdom came from his experience as a parent even more than a doctor. He reminded my husband, John, and I to take time to support each other and reconnect. Happy children are a product of happy parents.”

On losing the baby weight: “Now that Philo is here, I feel like I’m always eating on the run, trying to catch bites while she’s down for a nap or squirming in my lap. It’s a lot of one-handed foods or quick meals. But I am totally taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather for long walks [with my family]. And now that she’s a bit older and is sort of (fingers crossed!) getting a schedule going, I’m really looking forward to getting back into real workouts. Even if I just have 20 minutes, I’ll pull up a workout on my computer — I’ve done everything from the Insanity routines to Ballet Beautiful sets. I also have found yoga to be really helpful for dealing with back pain and muscle tension — I’m a big fan of Steve Ross.”

For more from Daphne, head over to Mini magazine….

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  • eliza

    What is “body con”???

    • Feline Groovey

      I think it’s body-conscious clothing.

  • Anonymous9

    Too bad her dad has turned into a con man selling quick fixes to people desperate for some help.

    • SiervaMaria

      Rather sad that you’ve condensed his entire career down to an already apologized for and corrected error in judgment on his part. He’s helped a whole lot of people far more than brought harm and I’m 1000% certain they’d vouch for him at the drop of a hat. In fact, I think they already did.

      • Anonymous9

        If it were a single product, I’d agree with you, but it’s not. It’s dozens of products which have one thing in common, they put money in Doctor Oz’s pocket without any proven efficacy. Whether the people who buy his crap would vouch for him or not is meaningless; people vouch for scam artists all the time, it’s their way of refusing to believe that somebody they trusted has simply taken their money with no regard for them.

        • SiervaMaria

          “During a Senate hearing on consumer protection, Senator Claire McCaskill stated that by airing segments on weight loss products that are later cited in advertisements, Oz plays a role, intentional or not, in perpetuating these scams, and that she is “concerned that you are melding medical advice, news, and entertainment in a way that harms consumers.”[44] Mary Engle of the Federal Trade Commission criticized Oz for calling green coffee extract “magic” and a “miracle”, stating that it is difficult for consumers to listen to their inner voices when products are praised by hosts they trust.[44]

          When Oz testified before the committee he defended his promotion of alternative medicine, stating that he makes great efforts to inform viewers that he neither sells nor endorses any supplements. He also stated that he created OzWatch as a way for viewers to report scams, which has received more than 35,000 complaints and has issued 600 cease and desist letters.[44]


          You chose to parrot assumptions made instead of daring to prove your accusations with facts. You’ve decided to ignore the whole story in favor of focusing on the bits and pieces assigning guilt.

  • SiervaMaria

    I had no idea until earlier this week that he was her dad. She was on his show (I think a repeat, not sure) with her daughter and what a doll.

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