Sandra Bullock’s Summer Camp Cutie

Academy Award-wining actress Sandra Bullock was photographed with son Louis, 4, in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (July 18). The Gravity star, who turns 50 next weekend, picked up her preschooler from summer camp.

The Miss Congeniality actress recently came face-to-face with her stalker — in her own home.

Joshua Corbett, 39, is facing charges including residential burglary and stalking after he was arrested at Sandra’s mansion in California.

According to TMZ, the Oscar winner got out of bed in the early hours of the morning after she heard a banging noise inside the house. She then came face-to-face with Corbett in her hallway, and ran back to her bedroom, locked the door and called for emergency services.

The actress has since obtained a restraining order against Corbett, who is also facing a number of firearms charges after police allegedly discovered a stash of weapons at his home.

So scary for Sandy B!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • So cute

    Haven’t seen this adorable mother-son duo in a while. Louis has grown quite a bit.

    The stalker incident is just scary, glad Sandra and her son are okay.

    • fran

      I agree, he is growing. Now strides independently of his mom. I like the way she dresses him. Doesn’t overdue the fads, but has the up-to-date touch.. Just little boy clothes that are subject to get dirty. The t-shirt smacks of the movie Gravity. Willing to bet it was a gift to him. (No Bodyguard?)

  • Cam

    He just couldn’t be any cuter!

  • Rich Kretzschmar

    Sandra’s beauty blossoms each and every night as she is the spiritual essence that inspires the knight itself. I say this because the facts of science honor, love, and creativity tech us that she is in fact a sacred nativity – the manager of the manger. Learn of the Roman Carpenter “horn bean”, learn of the Sabbath, learn of the essence of black as it is the emerald blossom of both the Merak and Dubhe stars of the Big Dipper that bear that bares the light; and you will clearly see that Sandra Annette bullock is the NEW KEY to the right ascension of all to a higher plane. This is the Silica Basilica that I am building for her. The Hjarta Hálsi heart and throat of the International Astronomical Union of planets manifested as Meve Maj SUN, a go naked in the snow – lip and loin bound, totem of truth.

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