Debbie Matenopoulos “Loved” Her Baby Shower

A glowing Debbie Matenopoulos was treated to a ‘Big, Fat, Greek Baby Shower’ on Hallmark Channel’s Daytime Series, Home & Family, on Friday (July 25). Hosted by Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare, the mom-to-be, 39, enjoyed baby games and a baby shower tablescape made by Tanya and Sophie.

“I absolutely loved the shower,” Debbie, a regular on Home & Family, tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “I have never been so touched by anything anyone has done for me.”

The It’s All Greek to Me author went on to gush about the televised soirée.

“It was truly so beautiful and thoughtful of the entire cast and crew of Home & Family to work so hard to put this together,” she adds. “I was so overwhelmed with emotion and had such tears of joy. We really are a family here.”

In the late stages of her pregnancy, The View alum says she’s feeling well.

“I am still feeling pretty good, even in these later stages of my pregnancy,” she shares. “I am just getting a little more tired these days and seem to need to nap every once in a while. I’m in the home stretch now and it seems like my belly is popping more and more each day. It’s fun to see it happen.”

As for the impending birth, Debbie says she’s got some common anxieties.

“I’m starting to get a little nervous about the upcoming delivery,” she admits. “I hear these are normal feelings to have. It’s the fear of the unknown I guess. I’m a bit anxious about it all.”

For her surprise delivery, Debbie and her husband Jon Falcone have a few baby names in mind.

“As far as baby names go, we do have quite a few girls names and just one boy name that we both love,” she says. “The family members on the show gave me some very interesting suggestions on the ‘name tree’ they made for me. Zeus, Apollo, and Artemis were all in the mix. They were all very sweet but I don’t think I’ll be naming the baby Zeus [laughs].”

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