Gwen Stefani & Family: Leaving London

Mom-of-three Gwen Stefani was seen arriving at Heathrow Airport in London, England on Tuesday (August 5). Wearing her 5-month-old son Apollo in a baby carrier, the No Doubt frontwoman, 44, looked chic in an all black outfit and her signature red lips.

The day before, the singer was seen with all of her sons – including Kingston, 8, and Zuma, nearly 6 – enjoying their Primrose Hill neighborhood.

Gwen and her husband, fellow rocker Gavin Rossdale, have been vacationing with their kids in Europe. They were seen in Switzerland before jetting off to the South of France.

While holidaying, Gwen shared a sweet snapshot breastfeeding her third son.

The famous family have been enjoying the down time before Gwen makes her September 22 debut on The Voice.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • cass

    What happened to her other nannies – there only appears to be one of them with her in these shots.

    • Kristine

      Seriously, the nanny comment? Who cares!

      • cass

        Nannies are an integral part of Gwen’s life and she’s never pictured without them – unless they are edited out of the picture – so this is a natural question. You, on the other hand, are probably more interested in critical details like the shade of her lipstick or hair dye. Unless the comment is offensive, you really do need to come down off your high horse.

        • Janna

          A natural question? I disagree. How this couple chooses to raise their family, and the help they choose to employ is no more your business than what brand of diaper they use or at what age they choose to potty train.

          Why can’t you simply enjoy the pictures for what they are without criticizing her choice of childcare?

          • grace

            Janna, you are notorious for “criticizing” yourself. Whenever other posters have noticed and remarked upon the Stefani family’s reliance on nannies, you jump down their throats as though it affects you personally. You don’t seem too concerned on other posts where celebs are often attacked and ridiculed on their looks or character.

            I agree with the original poster – Unlike a lot of other celebs we see featured here, Gwen seems to rely on nannies constantly. Oh, and I love the fact that Gwen breastfeeds 😉

          • Kristine

            Cass, Maybe if your mother would have had a nanny you would have been raised with better manners!

          • Janna

            Grace, dear, I think you ought to learn the meaning of “jump down their throats” before you use it in a sentence because there is no normal human on this planet that could read what I wrote and classify it as jumping down anyone’s throat.

            I question why anyone cares if someone has a nanny. Always have. Always will. It’s none of your business. And if you think I don’t defend against people who attack and ridicule other people’s physical appearance, you clearly aren’t as perceptive as you want to believe you are.

  • Anonymous

    I knew there would be one idiot that would comment on the whereabouts of her nannies.

  • Elizabeth

    Zuma looks like a young Kurt Cobain.

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