Katie Holmes On Giving Suri A Normal Life

During a Wednesday appearance on TODAY, actress Katie Holmes opened up about giving the gift of normalcy to her daughter Suri.

The actress, 35, who stars as a mother in the summer sci-fi film, The Giver, said she pulls from her own tight-knit background growing up in Ohio when it comes to raising her 8-year-old with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

“I think, of course, you try your best,” Katie said of motherhood. “I try very hard because I am very grateful for my upbringing and my parents and siblings. I try to do what they did for me for my little one.”

“The most important thing for me is letting her know how proud I am and that her accomplishments mean everything,” she added. “Whatever I do is whatever. It’s really just about her and that’s what I think is most important.”

As for how she sees her life right now, Katie shared: “I’m an artist so I’m a risk-taker. I love adventures and new things.”

She added: “I never really look back. I just approach life one day at a time. I’m really excited about where I am right now, this movie … I’ve had some really wonderful creative experiences. I am just excited about the future.”

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  1. Anonymous9

    I really good way to create a normal childhood is to not drag your little kid into fancy restaurants for dinner at 10:00 p.m. Nothing normal about that.

    • Janna

      Some people have to positively scrape the bottom of the barrel for something to criticize. That’s really sad for you.

      • Anonymous

        Good lord, if you think pointing out that somebody shouldn’t be dragging little kids to fancy restaurants is the bottom of the barrel, your barrel must be incredibly shallow.

        • Janna

          I think parents shouldn’t allow their kids to walk on broken glass. I think they should allow them to skip school, take drugs, talk back, spend hours on an iPad, watch too much tv, or curse.

          There’s a looooong list of things I think people shouldn’t do with their kids. Taking a little kid to a fancy restaurant wouldn’t even make my top 500.

      • SiervaMaria

        Janna, it’s pathetic and pathological for some. It’s as if it would cause them physical pain not to be negative. It speaks volumes about what character the person possess.

    • NYCMommy

      My goodness she did that a couple times years ago. Move on…. to me she seems like a very hands on mother and down to earth. They always take the subway. I am sure many other celebs would never thinkg of doing that (i.e. Gwen S, Jennifer Aniston, etc…)

  2. Anonymous

    How many times did she do that? Once? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

  3. Glostar

    Now that Suri is in school I don’t see her mother dragging her to restaurants at night. That was years ago.

  4. Jayden

    I’m not meaning to be mean in saying this. My opinion is quite sincere. But honestly, I do not now, nor will I ever believe that a Mapother biologically fathered that child. I understand how genetics work and so I know that technically it is possible for Suri to have all of Katie’s facial features and none of Tom’s but anyone willing to be honest and rational would agree that the chances of that are pretty slim. Again, not impossible, but very slim. Everyone in Tom’s biological family has the short chin, big teeth and huge nose. We see absolutely no hint of any of that in Suri. I just do not believe that Tom is her father.
    To this day, we also still have not heard from a single person who claims to have been in the delivery room the day Suri was allegedly born at the hospital there in L.A. and even if you could find someone, they would have absolutely no proof of having been there. There are no birth pictures and no stories of her birth. Everything was very hush hush. That’s not normal, especially considering how over the top in love Tom supposedly was with Katie, and with the idea of having a baby with her.
    Before you scientologists pounce, let me just say that although I have great contempt for your faux religion I do, nonetheless, like Tom Cruise. I’m not saying any of this to disparage him per se. I just wish that he would come clean and tell the truth about his life. If they had Suri via a surrogate or whatever, I don’t see that as a negative thing. Most of the things that Tom seems to lie about are things that the general public would totally accept but he makes the situations controversial by lying about them. I will never understand why he feels it necessary to deceive everyone instead of just living his life honestly. Trying to keep things covered up all the time has to be exhausting. He lives such a sad, sad life. He’s never had one sincere, real, close relationship in his adult life and as best anyone can tell, he’s never even had a true close friend unless you count Miscaviage. And ever since she hooked up with Tom, Katie is equally isolated and weird. There just isn’t anything normal about the lives that the three of them live. I know some of his defenders will say otherwise but the majority of people in the world would agree with me in saying that there is clearly something strange about the whole Tom/Katie/Suri situation.

    • Janna

      I would venture to guess that there are no publicized birth photos of the majority of celebrity kids. Nor are there interviews with hospital staff (you do know that’s illegal, right??).

      It’s pretty presumptuous of you to question this child’s parentage without a shred of evidence. It would be like me questioning whether your father is actually your father. None of my business.

  5. stacey

    Suri is such a beautiful little girl!!!

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