Drew Barrymore: I Don’t Want To Be An “Anxious Mother”

Actress Drew Barrymore sat down with Working Mother and opened up about her happy family life with husband Will Kopelman and their two daughters: Olive, nearly 2, and Frankie, 4 months.

On motherhood so far: “So many emotions take over. You have this terrific sense of pride and joy in watching your child play and learn things, and you also recall some of your own feelings growing up, and you start thinking into the future. But I’m trying to avoid being the kind of anxious mother who always wants things to be perfect. I want to give [my children] a very beautiful, safe and loving home. I want them to be happy and grow up with security and stability, something I didn’t have. Sometimes, though, I just worry about Olive banging her head on a table or falling down.”

On her favorite moments with Olive: “I love reading to her. I’ve spent a lot of time finding beautiful children’s books and discovering wonderful stories I can read. I carry these books with me everywhere now because it’s like the best crutch in the world to have a book with you. They become these great tools in life…I can’t wait until [the girls] are older and I’ll be able to share so many great books.”

On how life has changed since motherhood: “Most of my life I’ve just worked. Life has been so in the backseat. It’s always been about film or film production, producing, acting. I didn’t know how to have a life under those circumstances, so my work has slowed down. I really commend people who seem to balance it. Now that I’ve carved out a little more time for myself, I find that the passion and the interest and the discussions
[about life] are much more in the center.”

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I love Drew. Never met her of course but something about her spirit impresses me as woman who is genuine. She is who she says she is. Once she realized she was going to be a kid on her own; literally and figuratively a child holding her own counsel though stumbles and falls even adults never dealt with, she found her life. I think she decided what kind she needed and wanted and is living it. She raised herself well.


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