Mariah Carey’s Mocktail Munchkins

Proud mama Mariah Carey shared an adorable shot of her 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe drinking mocktails and sharing a pedicure bath.

“Roc&Roe having an early @ButterflyDrink party!,” the Grammy Award-winner, 43, joked via Instagram. “Get your Butterfly drink at @Walgreens & find out about my NYC summer party! #Thirsty4Butterfly,” she added, promoting her new product.

In the picture, the twins are wearing PJs and holding a giant wine glass while they enjoy a pedicure bath.

Last month, the Emotions singer shared a shot of herself with “dem babies” as they sat by a window watching the rain.

“Getting through the storm!,” she captioned the image.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • anon

    Great idea! Just what we need, something to encourage kids to drink. Mocktails. You just cannot get a child accustomed to holding a flute too young.

    Good grief! Mocktails? Moronic idea.

    • Anonymous

      Overreact much? Holy cow, Mom used to let me play dress up in her fancy clothes; doesn’t mean I ended up as a fashion model. Playing pretend isn’t training for a lifetime of anything. In fact, maybe if we didn’t make drinking quite so taboo, it wouldn’t hold so much attraction to older kids.

  • Vee281

    Ugh … This woman is always half dressed or dressed overly sexy in pics with her kids. Enough already. What is her issue?

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