Melissa Joan Hart & Mark Wilkerson Launch Children’s Clothing Line

Actress Melissa Joan Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson have teamed up to launch their first ever kids’ line, King of Harts. As the parents of three young active sons they were motivated to create a line of cool, functional, and resilient clothing options that could keep up with their frog catching, mud-puddle jumping, tree climbing boys.  Celebrity Baby Scoop spoke to Melissa about their new clothing line, how they spent their summer and gearing up for back-to-school.

CBS: What was the inspiration for your new clothing line? How important was it to you to have everything made in America?

MJH: “Mark and I were frustrated with the lack of cool boys clothing available and decided to step up and do something about it by launching King of Harts. We wanted to start a family business that all of us could be involved in and be proud of. That included everything being made in the USA. We have never even researched costs overseas because we want to help local towns and businesses in our country grow and strive, just as we hope people will take a chance on our new adventure.”

CBS: A portion of your sales will be going to Youth Villages. How did you get involved with them? What programs does Youth Villages offer behaviorally troubled kids?

MJH: “We sought out a charity that would benefit from not only our monetary donations but also our products for kids across America that need to know someone out there cares and is willing to put new clothes on their backs. By partnering with Youth Villages, we know King of Harts is helping give hope to the children of our country.”

CBS: Where can families purchase the King of Harts clothing for their kids?
MJH: “We have a limited winter line available right now online which includes our cool thermal with one of Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito’s own Instagram photos that all proceeds will go to Youth Villages. The King of Harts spring/summer line will be available in boutique kids stores around the country and on our website as well at”

CBS: Did the kids enjoy summer vacation? What kinds of activities do you enjoy as a family?

MJH: “We had a lovely summer. I was busy directing my first feature, an untitled christmas movie for Lifetime. It was strange focusing so much on christmas in the heat of summer but it was an amazing challenge that I am very proud of. The boys did a lot of frog catching, swimming and playing with neighborhood kids while mom was busy. I think they had the quintessential relaxing childhood summer.”
CBS: Are the boys back in school? What grades are they in this year? What are their favorite subjects? Are they involved with sports?

MJH: “Mason is in 3rd and the homework is already starting. He’s very into sports and ready for football season. Brady is in 1st and just tries to keep up with his big brother. Tucker is a beast and growing and talking more everyday. I am most impressed with Tucker’s ability to stay vertical on the trampoline all day long while his big brothers bounce him around tirelessly.”

CBS: What is Tucker into these days? What’s it like to raise three boys?

MJH: “It’s like running a zoo and circus and camp all at the same time. As Mark keeps saying “we are at capacity”.

CBS: How do you juggle a busy career and a hectic school routine with the kids? What do you find most challenging?

MJH: “I have the amazing blessing of a husband who doesn’t want to miss a moment in his children’s lives. Marks involvement in the kids everyday activities allows me to work my tail off virtually guilt free.”

CBS: Do you have any other new projects you’d like to share with us?
MJH: “We have just picked up and moved back to LA for another exciting season of Melissa and Joey which will include a fun “witchy” Halloween episode and a Christmas episode before returning to tv in the new year. So along with the Christmas movie and the clothing line, I have a very exciting and busy fall ahead of me.”

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