Autumn Reeser: Motherhood “Beautifully Broke Me”

The O.C. alum Autumn Reeser has teamed up with online consignment store and app Threadflip, which does all of the consignment selling work for you. The actress and mom-of-two, 34, has created her own Threadflip page, and admits “I was getting rid of a lot of items I wore in films and TV shows, I wanted to share them with my fans.”

Set to star on the season finale of Hart of Dixie, Autumn opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her upcoming show The Whispers, her blog Move Lifestyle, her recent separation from husband Jesse Warren, and their two sons Finn, 3, and Dash, 1.

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with the consignment store and app Threadflip. What is it all about and what inspired you to get involved?

AR: “Moving into my own place inspired me to clean out my closets, and since I was getting rid of a lot of items I wore in films and TV shows, I wanted to share them with my fans. Threadflip has a great following and they’re reasonably priced — plus their app is gorgeous and so easy to use. I loved my selling experience with them so much that I actually just sent a new shipment of items in to go on sale this week.”

CBS: Tell us about your boys Finneus, 3, and Dashiell, 1. What are each of them into?

AR: “Finn is obsessed with trains and cars, and Dash is really into music and making noise. It’s chaos [laughs].”

CBS: We were sorry to hear about your recent separation from husband Jesse Warren. How are you doing? What have you learned about yourself since being a single mom?

AR: “I never knew how strong I was. With every challenge that I survive, I learn how to believe in myself more and more. Honestly, I’m kind of a bad-ass [laughs].”

CBS: We’re happy to have you in the blogoshphere. Tell us about your blog Move Lifestyle, when you find time to write, and the topics you enjoy writing about. What are some of your favorite blogs that you follow?

AR: “Move LifeStyle is a website for girls on the go. Some of my favorite content we curate and create is feminist-driven, some is about the best products and apps currently on the market for busy women, and some is personal stories from other working women. I love the community I’ve found online and interacting with our readers on social media. Some blogs and websites that I love personally are OhJoy, Salon, RedTricycle, Learnvest and The Jealous Curator.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you? What are some of the greatest rewards? Biggest challenges?

AR: “Motherhood changed me profoundly. I like to think it ‘beautifully broke me’ because it forced me to come to the most truthful, intimate version of myself and allows me to bring myself back to the present moment again and again. My children have truly been my greatest teachers.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

AR: “In late spring, I’ll be playing a transplanted New Yorker in the season finale of Hart of Dixie on the CW, and a suburban mom in the new show The Whispers on ABC.”

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