Teresa Palmer Shares Photo With Forest

New mom-of-two Teresa Palmer posted a precious photo with son Forest, 8 days, via Instagram Monday.

“Forest Sage’s Birth Story Vlog is up now on @yourzenmama (without the tech issues!) I also share my 1 Week PostPartum Vlog and discuss thoughts on my very unexpected but welcomed birth story, my week with Forest and the reasons why I won’t be discussing post baby weight loss! LINK IN BIO (sorry for the missing vids earlier!),” the Hacksaw Ridge star, 30, captioned the image cuddling her newborn.

On her blog, the actress talked about the joys raising her sons, including 2-year-old son Bodhi.

“I just have had the happiest week of my entire life. I waited for the hormonal dip and to start feeling low but I’ve been on such a post birth high,” she wrote. “I think it’s a combination of things. Firstly my birth was one I feel really happy about, it was healing and lovely and truly my dream birth experience. My husband also isn’t working so I have his amazing and incredibly hands on support, then just being here in Adelaide with no real commitments accept for getting ready for Christmas means it’s been very relaxing! My mum lives on our property here too so she has been helping do washing and snuggling with baby while I take a nap every second day or so. Lastly, I just have really used this week to meditate on how lucky I am to have healthy children. It makes me overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. I read a journal entry I wrote earlier in the year expressing my fear of not being able to have another child and then that next month we conceived, it really put things in to perspective. So it’s been a very reflective and thoughtful week for me.”

The Warm Bodies actress and her actor-director husband Mark Webber, 36, welcomed their second child on Dec. 12, she announced on social media.

“Our sweet littlest love is here. Forest Sage Palmer was born yesterday in Adelaide on 12/12 at 12:18pm weighing 8lb 4oz and 20 inches long! Our hearts are so full and blessed, he is perfect!” she captioned the first family photo.

The proud mama went on to gush about her elder son’s adjustment to big brotherhood.

“Also BODHI oh wow I’m completely blown away by his love for his brother. I have video after video of him holding Forest (he asks every ten minutes and no one else can touch Forest when he is holding him!) Bodhi sings whispered songs to him that he makes up “youuuure my broooother and I won’t let aaanything happen to youuuu” he pats his face and kisses him and says “don’t worry I’m here” calls Forest “my baby, my sweet baby don’t cry”. I cried last night at how thankful I am that he has transitioned so beautifully. I also cried that Bodhi seems so big now and that he is such a brave, courageous and beautiful little man to set aside any confused or sad feelings about not having Mama/Dada to himself and instead has just led with excitement, curiosity, love and protection of Forest. I never thought it was possible to love him any more than I do but my heart has grown even deeper and it’s met with such an admiration for Bodhi.”

To read more of Teresa’s blog, go here…

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