Sylvester Stallone’s Miss Golden Globes

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone rocked the red carpet with wife Jennifer Flavin and their three daughters – Sophia Rose, 20, Sistine Rose, 18, and Scarlet Rose, 14 – at the 74th Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (January 8).

All donning black, Scarlet wore a Michael Kors Collection gown, Saint Laurent shoes, and Messika Paris jewelry. Meanwhile, Sistine was beautiful in Chanel jewelry, and Sophia looked lovely in Bulgari jewels.

The Stallone sisters were on stage as “Miss Golden Globes” to help the presenters hand out awards to winners.

Scarlet revealed how their famous father helped them prepare for the event.

“My dad has given me the advice to speak loud and clear and have great posture, don’t fall,” she told Us Weekly. “He actually makes me train in heels for an hour every day! He doesn’t want me to fall!”

“Don’t feel bad for her, she needs it.” Sistine added. “She is so clumsy.”

The beautiful sisters were extremely honored to be named this year’s Miss Golden Globes.

“We really do know how amazing this chance is and we took it, and I’m so happy I’m doing it with them,” Sistine said. “We really are this close! I know it sounds like we’re just pretending, but we really are extremely close.”

They recalled the excitement they felt upon hearing that they’d been chosen for the awards show.

“We were all sitting in the family room and my dad called us in as if we were going to get some tragic news,” Sistine said. “I was like, ‘Oh god, someone died!’ We were ready to take it, like holding each other’s hand, like oh god, who died, something sad is happening. But he said, ‘I got the call, you’re going to be Miss Golden Globes’ and we freaked out! My mom blasted the music, dogs were barking and we were dancing!”

Scarlet added: “It was a party in the Stallone house for sure.”

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