Jensen Ackles Enjoys Father’s Day

Storybook time!

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles enjoyed Father’s Day with his three children — daughter JJ, 4, and 6-month-old twins Arrow and Zeppelin.

“Happy Fathers Day Jensen! Our children are the most blessed little beings in the whole wide world to have a Daddy as great as you! You are the perfect man inside and out. #bestdadever #raisedright #dadlife,” the actor’s wife Danneel Harris Ackles Instagrammed the image.

The One Tree Hill actress, 38, also posted another photo over the Father’s Day weekend.

“#TB 2yrs ago exploring our city!!! #austin #O.HenryMuseum,” she captioned the sweet throwback photo.

The couple welcomed their twins — son Zeppelin Bram and daughter Arrow Rhodes — on Dec. 2, 2016.

#tb 2yrs ago exploring our city!!! ❤️#austin #O.HenryMuseum A post shared by @danneelackles512 on

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  • Lucy

    Teaching them to be good little Trumpers just like Mommy and Daddy.


    • Cooper

      Neither of them have EVER talked politics or shown support for Trump on social media, interviews or at fan conventions, not one word but we’re expected to believe a troll who’s history is basically stalking any article that mentions Jensen or Jared and spilling the same irrelevant vitriol in comments? Even stooping to using articles about their kids to further your agenda? That’s low even for rabid Jensen hating Misha stans.

      • Sonata Green

        Those kids are super cute! I’m glad the family is happy. It’s one of the few ones in Hollywood that I think will last. Say what you want, Cooper, but I believe with every fiber of my being that Jensen, Danielle, Jensen’s parent and Danielle’s parents are all proud Republicans, just like I am. California voter registration is public information on their website. I saw with my own eyes–just as LOTS of other fans did a few years ago–that Jensen was a registered Republican and had been for YEARS. You have to update that status, too, every two years and he had done so. Oh, and by the way Lucy, yes, that’s EXACTLY what Jensen and Danielle are doing: Teaching their kids values like GOD, CHURCH & STATE so yeah, they’re going to be good little Trumpers.

        • Cooper

          Nice try Lucy (I mean Sonata who joined today I see) Jensen and DANNEEL have lived in very liberal Austin for years since, got any current facts or just the old stuff which you probably got from datalounge? and isn’t it correct that you don’t have to vote republican even if you’re registered as republican which we don’t even know they currently are. Many registered republicans didn’t vote Trump even a guest actor on Supernatural (think it was Gil) said they used to be republican (as in Gil used to be republican) but he didn’t vote Trump and Jensen’s made fun of Trump at various cons, he doesn’t seem to respect him.There was something floating about that they donated money to a Democrat party, got those details handy to? I personally don’t care who he voted for because he comes across as a good guy who respects his fans and he doesn’t appear to live by Trumps values. I just don’t like the idea of bashing him over who he may or may not have voted for instead of just judging him on how he treats others and we’ve plenty of evidence he’s a decent guy, not perfect but not someone who deserves to be targeted under every mention of his name with the same cr@p we don’t even know to be true.

          • Leslie Stewart

            Jensen is an evangelical republican. Get over it, honey. That doesn’t mean you can’t still worship at the altar of all things Jensen. It means I won’t but you sure can. I swear to god, SPN fans get freakier by the second.

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