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Britax B-Ready Stroller: The Stylish and Flexible Way to Get Around

Versatility is the name of the game when selecting a stroller to transport your little ones, especially when your family is expanding. So we were thrilled when we were introduced to the Britax B-READY Stroller, a modular stroller that can … »» Read the article

Make Your Little Princess Look Like Royalty with Kozzy Bottoms Reversible Tutus

Is there anything more darling than a little girl in a tutu? Kozzy Bottoms, the online go to source for all things baby, has made this favorite of moms and princesses everywhere, even better! These colorful, charming tulle confections are … »» Read the article

Parents Are Going Gaga Over Go GaGa Diaper Bags

We found a line of ergonomically safe and stylish diaper bags that are so comfortable and functional that they’ve become a must-have among celebrity parents on the go. Go GaGa diaper bags are a big hit among Hollywood’s trendiest moms … »» Read the article

Shield Your Little Star in Style with Turtle Toppy Baby Seat Covers

You’re a busy mom on the go and your baby practically lives in the car seat. In the constant shuffle that is the grocery store, errands and living your busy, fabulous life; your baby is exposed to bad weather, dirt … »» Read the article

Cut the Cords with Cirago’s New Bluetooth 3.0 Adapter

Are you one of those parents who like their house to be a cord free zone? Does the thought of clutter make your hair stand on end? Your home office may look organized and pristine, but you know there’s a … »» Read the article

The Ultimate Natural Nurser: BPA Free Baby Bottles

Parents put their child’s health is at the top of the list. Many of us start prepping and planning from the moment of conception, always looking for affordable ways to keep our children safe and healthy, especially when it comes … »» Read the article

DRIA: The Multifunctional Maternity & Nursing Cover

We can all relate to the multi-tasking duties of motherhood. So what mom wouldn’t want a product that also can multi-task? This mom certainly would. That’s why we’re glad we discovered the DRIA Cover which is not only multi-functional, providing … »» Read the article

Who Loves to Wine?

Hello, moms who love to wine! No, I didn’t say whine:) Did we get your attention? Ok, you’re going to love this! The folks over at Moms Who Need Wine obviously had me pegged when they contacted me to try … »» Read the article

MOGO Charmbands: The Trendy, Hip Version of the Charm Bracelet

Most little girls love their charm bracelets and many of us keep adding to them right through our adult life. We love the wonderful meaning and memory behind every special charm. But while we adore this traditional bracelet, wouldn’t a … »» Read the article

Two Flowers One Bear: Designing Baby & Kids Wear with Imagination

Kids love to pretend to be animals. Mine were constantly barking, meowing, and growling when they were young. So when we came upon a line of wearables that allows kids to be their favorite animal, we were sold. Two Flowers … »» Read the article

Gracie Bullyproof DVDs: Helping Kids Stand Up to Bullies

Labor Day is over. For most kids that means it’s time to go back to school. As parents, we worry how they’ll adjust to new teachers, a new grade, and higher expectations. Unfortunately, some kids also need to worry about … »» Read the article

Nuddle Baby Blanket: Comfy & Cozy in the Stroller

Today, as the wind was blowing and temperatures dipped into the fifties, we were reminded that Fall is really here. Time to make sure that baby is bundled up well when you take him or her out for a stroll. … »» Read the article

I’M OK! Mini First Aid Kit: For On-the-Go Injuries

Active kids means lots of little injuries. Scrapes and cuts are a common occurrence when you have school age children who love to climb, explore and run. As parents, we worry, however, when these minor accidents happen when we’re not … »» Read the article

Smartie Pants: No More Droopy Drawers

This product gives a whole new meaning to word smarty pants. No, we’re not talking about a junior Einstein, but rather an innovative way for kids clothes to stay up either with or without belt loops. Smartie Pants is a … »» Read the article

Cool Cuffs for the Cool Kids on the Block

Ladybugs & Lullabies has become a household name in Hollywood since setting the trend in the world of girl’s hair accessories with celebrity moms including Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Brooke Shields and Marcia Cross snatching up the adorable accessories for … »» Read the article

Clementine Art: Eco-friendly Kids Art Supplies

Enjoy doing art projects with your kids? Then you’ll love Clementine Art, a natural, fresh, real way of doing art with children. This full line of natural paint, glue, modeling dough, crayons, crayon ‘rocks’ and markers is inviting and open-ended, … »» Read the article

Rikshaw Design: Bohemian Style for Mom & Baby

One glimpse of this adorable mom and baby brand, and you can’t help but fall in love. Bohemian baby lifestyle brand Rikshaw Design is known for its Indian block printed baby apparel, accessories and bedding. Recently, they launched bedding and … »» Read the article

MyWallaby Doll Carrier: The Doll Carrying Purse

Every little girl wants to carry their baby dolls like mom does. Now she can with MyWallaby Doll Carrier. This pint size baby doll carrier is perfect for every girl’s favorite doll or stuffed animal. Girls will also love the … »» Read the article

Tail Wags: Fun Helmet Covers

Always struggling to get your kids to wear a helmet when they ride their bike or scooter? Finally, there’s a fun accessory that has kids cheering to wear their helmet. Children actually want to wear their safety helmet when they … »» Read the article

Gum drops Hair Candy: Sweet ‘n Stylish

We’ve all seen the fun, cute bows, hairclips, ties and headbands worn by Naleigh Kelley, Dolly and Charlie O’ Connell, Stella McDermott, Honor Marie Warren, and more. Now your little girl, too, can get this celeb tot look with Gum … »» Read the article

Happy Blankie: One to Love and One to Give

We recently discovered Happy Blankie, soft, oversized cuddly animals that are the perfect combination of stuffed animal and blanket. Pretty neat right? But that’s not the best part. Every time someone buys a Happy Blankie, an identical blanket is given … »» Read the article

Kim Raver: My Boys Have a Crazy Amount of Energy

Actress and Grey’s Anatomy star, Kim Raver has stolen our hearts for years in shows like Third Watch, 24, Lipstick Jungle and as Dr. Teddy Altman on Grey’s Anatomy. She’s currently set to star in Bond of Silence a Lifetime … »» Read the article

Bebe au Lait: Beautiful, Plush Hooded Baby Towels

Summertime means lots of outings to the beach or pool. And with temperatures soaring, there’s plenty of water time left. This Summer, after letting your baby splash around, wrap him or her up in a plush, cozy hooded towel from … »» Read the article

Celebrity Chef Gale Gand: “Everyone Needs a Little Indulgence”

Celebrity Chef, Gale Gand, was the host of the long running Food Network’s “Sweet Dreams,” judge on “Top Chef”, and has appeared on Martha Stewart, Oprah, Iron Chef America and Baking with Julia. When she’s not baking, Gale is running … »» Read the article

MommaCouture: Stylish, Insulated Diaper Bags

We all know that having a baby means carrying lots of stuff. Diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths, formula, you name it. That’s when we, as parents, turn to the diaper bag. A must-have commodity for every new mom and … »» Read the article