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CoddleLife Bottles: Reduce Colic

Having a colicky baby as a new mom can be stressful. Coddlelife introduces us to one way to cut down on colic due to gas with its BPA-free bottle featuring a unique one-piece venting system that cuts down on gas, … »» Read the article

Lullabelly: Prenatal Music Belt

Expecting mommies often hear about the benefits of playing music for your baby while it’s in the womb. The old school version of putting headphones around your belly has finally been revamped! Now, with Lullabelly, you can plug in your … »» Read the article

Babylegs: Earth Week Sale on Stylish Socks

Nominated as Best Shower Gift by Pregnancy & Newborn, Baby Legs features the latest in legwear for babies & kids. Adorable socks, tights and leg warmers in fun patterns such as hearts, flowers, stripes, stars, animal prints, sports, and more … »» Read the article

Giveaway: Newborn Eco-Friendly Giftset from The Little Seed

Not only is Soleil Moon Frye a great interview, she’s generous too! Soleil’s store, The Little Seed, is an eco-hub for both lifestyle and a greener planet! You can shop online, get connected to the site’s social network and share … »» Read the article

Isabelle Grace Jewelry: Personalized Necklaces for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day celebrate with grace – Isabelle Grace, that is. Whether you’re a son or daughter, husband or father-to-be, cherish the mom in your life with grace by giving her an elegant, personalized necklace worn by some of Hollywood’s … »» Read the article

Honor a Mother, Rescue Another

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift that will last longer and have more impact than a bouquet of flowers? The International Rescue Committee is celebrating the strength and resilience of mothers this Mother’s Day by offering meaningful gifts that will … »» Read the article

Fashionable Notes: The Green Way to Shop

Haven’t you heard, green is in! Shop in style while saving the environment. Thanks to Fashionable Notes, you can! With themes like Green is the New Black, Fashionista Gone Green, I carry Hermes, Kors and Vuitton, but never Paper or … »» Read the article

The Socializer: How to Look Great Without Much Sleep

Being a mom is synonymous with not getting enough sleep for many of us. Now, a new product can make you look like you slept like a baby even if the kids kept you up most of the night. The … »» Read the article

WorryWoos Book & Plush: Helping Kids Understand Emotions

Most kids experience feeling lonely, sad, happy and mad, but don’t always know what to do with their feelings. The world of Worry Woos was created to help them understand and cope. In this first of a kind award winning … »» Read the article

Disney MYZOS: Stylish Must-Have Bracelets

Disney MYZOS are the hot and affordable new bracelets worn by celebrity moms and kids alike. The collection features your favorite Disney characters from Disney Fairies, High School Musical 3, Hannah Montana and the Muppets. These fun accessories can be … »» Read the article

Tweetle Bug Boutique: I Am Not A Boy Hospital Hats

Before you leave for the hospital, be sure to pack the I Am Not a Boy Hospital Hats if you’re having a girl or it’s a surprise. These adorable hats decorated with girly flowers or bows will leave no doubt … »» Read the article

Munchkin: Utensils for No-Mess Snacks & Drinks

No more spilled snacks on the floor or car seat the Munchkin Snack Catcher. This clever snack cup keeps bite-sized snacks inside the container until little fingers pull them out. Even if it tips over! The soft flaps make it … »» Read the article

Miss Brittany’s Organic Fun Dough

Brooke Shields, Marcia Cross and Jessica Alba all keep their tots busy with Miss Brittany’s Preschool Organic Fun Dough. Just like the classic, except that it’s organic. Made of 100% nontoxic and recyclable materials, so parents don’t need to worry … »» Read the article

Me-in-Mind: Stylish Socks & Footwear for Babies

For adorable and stylish socks and footwear for little feet, check out Me-in-Mind. The online retailer with the latest in baby and toddler foot fashion. How cute are these Me-in-Mind’s organic socks inspired by classic Mary Jane shoes or the … »» Read the article

Nickelodeon: Kids Cameras & Webcams

For young fans of Nickelodeon’s iCarly, Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, Sakar International has released a series of digital cameras, video cameras and webcams themed with their favorite characters for creative play. Value-added extras like interactive software based on … »» Read the article

Little Ditties for Itty Bitties: Activity & Music CD

Babies learn best by seeing, doing and hearing, and music is a great way to enhance the active learning process. Little Ditties for Itty Bitties, a new CD by Grammy nominated performer Michele Valeri, offers up a fresh serving of … »» Read the article

Peasants & Travelers: Dad’s Diaper Bag

Many dads are now doing as much of the diapering and running errands with baby as mom. So it goes without saying that there’s a need for a diaper bag that’s not covered in flowers, hearts, pastels or bright colors … »» Read the article

The Juppy: Baby Walker

No more back pain while teaching your little one how to walk. This handy training aid allows parents to stand upright instead of leaning over to hold baby’s hands, thereby saving the strain on your back. The Juppy is easy … »» Read the article

See Kai Run: Fashionable Shoes for First Steps

Functional can mean fashionable when it comes to shoes for little feet. See Kai Run shoes are designed to protect little tots precious feet with flexible, durable and breathable materials that can easily withstand the active lives of toddlers and … »» Read the article

Think Green with Goody Green Bags

Who says grocery shopping can’t be chic! Goody Green Bags are the new eco-trendy reusable bags for the style conscious and environmentally friendly shopper. With six stylish patterns and a functional design, Goody Green Bag is the perfect solution for … »» Read the article

Organic Bug: Green Jewelry by Bottled Designs

Who knew that broken bottles and jars would be in inspiration for fun, trendy jewelry? Bottled Up Designs did, and gave new meaning to the saying-one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, by turning pieces of broken glass into an … »» Read the article

The Texthook: Portable Smartphone Holder

Gone are the days of losing your phone at the bottom or your purse or pressing your head to your shoulder! The texthook solves all your mobile mommy problems! Attached easily to your stroller, the texthook secures your smartphone right … »» Read the article

Mama Wants Her Body Back: Post Pregnancy Workout

After pregnancy, many of us have a hard time looking in the mirror and worry that our body will never get back to the way it was (without spending countless hours working out that we don’t have). You can stop … »» Read the article

MyPacifier: Personalized Pacifiers

Yes, the personalized touch has hit pacifiers. Switched pacifiers are now a thing of the past. Thanks to MyPacifiers, baby can have its very own pacifier personalized with his or her name. Available in a multitude of colors and styles, … »» Read the article

SmartCover: The Red Carpet Cover-Up

Why do so many celebrities look flawless as they’re walking the Red Carpet? If they’re working with two-time Academy Award nominee and renowned Hollywood make-up artist Christina Smith, they’re wearing Smart Cover concealing creme. Smith uses the product on many … »» Read the article